Mad Libs review (awesome game)

Hello! I’ve reviewed iphone games before however I ended up deleting all games I had, I don’t really enjoy games anymore. However, yesterday I found this game called “Mad Libs” which is pretty cool! I was bored and I thought “why not try something new?”. This game left me in tears from laughing. #noregrets

Kitchen Inspection:


Basically this is how to play: you first choose the “idea” of the story from the choices given, like “letter of recommendation”. Then the game asks you to either enter a noun, adverb, adjective, verb – those stuff and you keep on writing random words as asked. When you’re done the game will inform you and it’ll use your words to fill in the blanks in their story.
Here is my first attempt with my sister (we were still getting to understand the game):

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA epic story. I don’t think my father would appreciate even if I gave him a degree in running XD

Moar! X3

I’m not sure what type of restaurant we own…

Albert Einstein:

I don’t think he intended to be known for explaining the phenomena of subatomic bags.

It also allows you to save the story to your camera roll so you wont have to screen capture multiple parts.

So yea that’s it! I think of it like those stories we used to create at school? One person said a sentence the other would at up to it and it would keep going. I don’t think we’ve ever finished one of those stories, we would just keep going with it until the class ended. This is kind of like it except that its a digital version.

I would totally recommend this game! I’m not sure though if its available for androids.

I’m gonna go sleep now since its 6:30am now, fml >.<"
Buh bye!

Sakura Nails (Easy)

You guys ! This is a rare moment in history where i actually do a nail tutorial thing. Its not really a tutorial, its just that im very proud of myself at the moment :”)


       Here are my nails at the moment !

I used this picture as refrence : 


Method :
I used a very fine tipped bottle , filled with nail polish ( black and white) . I drew the branches first and then added five little dots with the white and then a black dot in the middle to be the centre of the flower.

Really happy with the result , hope you give it a try ~ Deww will be proud of me ♡

-Alice // Cookie


At this time of year, as the weather changes and the climate shifts, I tend to feel some sadness. Im saying goodbye to my favourite season, Summer , and sadly making way for Winter, my least favoured season.


But this does not mean i will let this phase change me . I use this to fuel more artistic sides of my personality as i will be spending most of the time indoors cuddled with my warm penguin plushies and cup of aromatic hot chocolate under the covers.

Recently ive been back to writing little of my thoughts and feelings down as it helps me express myself better. Not through like amazingly fancy vocab , but through simple words in a flowy arrangement.

Heres a little something i wrote up for this occasion :

The summer fades in a fleeting haze
The breeze chills and  the sky’s shades become memories in the sad song that plays on the fine afteroon sunset as the car speeds on the highway
The fog rises as the sun sets and the track ends leaving the feelings of nostalgia to decent
Onto the coldness of the last spark of the warm bonfire inside a slowly beating heart.

The earth seems to go to sleep suddely on the shoulder of the universe.
Silence scares all the excitement away so the seasons can swiftly change as you hear the air whisper ….
 Welcome to the
transition phase

I hope you enjoyed that ^_^ feel free to share your thoughts. And as always, thank you for reading.

-Alice// Cookie

Girls, Boys and Feelings

I was just thinking of how usually girls are said to be weaker “feeling wise” which I think is not true at all. Girls are more confident with sharing their feelings and having a discussion about it with other girls even though girls are more likely to backstab you than a guy would. In “She’s The Man” when Viola was pretending to be her twin brother Sebastion – when the guys were talking about how they should act nice towards the girl that recently broke up so they’d have a chance with her then Viola starts to talk about how sad the girl looked and how lonely she must be feeling and then the guys freaked out and left. Its like talking about feelings is a deathly plague for males. We all know that girls barely keep their mouth closed while guys aren’t so excited about gossips like girls so there is a less chance this dude is going to go tell everybody about something you told them, doesn’t that give comfort to talk about how you feel? Knowing that this person wont use this information you shared as a weapon against you later on just for them to get more attention.

I thank god for making me a girl so I wouldn’t be attracted to girls. I would never get in a relationship with girls and not just because I’m religious but for the fact that girls love to complicate everything. Pretty much the only girl I met that doesn’t like to complicate stuff is Alice and look where that got us, we’ve been friends since 6th grade (now 12th-13th grade) with no fights. We just hate complicating stuff and if there is an easier way to fix something we welcome it with open arms. Ofc were still like other girls but we just care less, geddit?

Also whats up with girls talking shit of their “best friends”? I’ve seen million cases of this. Either a girl is jealous of her friend so she talks shit of her in front of other people to make them dislike her so she’s supposedly now their favourite out of both of them however, in reality I’ve never seen this work out well. That person you’re trying so hard to make them believe that your best friend is a slut has a brain to think of their own and realise that you’re the one talking bad of a person that you tell everyone is the closest person to you. Wouldn’t it be to obvious which one is the person that shouldn’t be trusted? For all the times I’ve seen this happens, usually either this person is seen on her true colours instantly or everything just comes out later.

Ahmad told me about something like this a few days ago, a girl was talking bad of what she told him was her best friend and he was so surprised as to what she was doing and I bet he was even more surprised to hear that this happens a lot in the Girl World. Oh and Also my friend Berry (or like we like to tell people that were twins) got a call from an old guy friend a few days ago who was her ex-best friend’s ex. He stopped talking with Berry long time ago and it turns out that Berry’s ex bestie used to tell him lies about her to make him hate her because apparently he used to like Berry before her. Like seriously he went out with you anyway wtf do you want?

I don’t think I’ve ever been put in this situation because gladly I don’t give two hoots about all this crap and I’ve had a good senses when I choose who to befriend or maybe its happening right now and I have no idea of it? Hmmm also I do happen to have the memory of Dory the fish… Boo idc xD see? Life is much easier that way.

How cute are my anklets? So cute, eh? Just wanted to share this picture even though it has nothing to do with what I was saying ^~^#

Have care free life!
Buh bye


Turquoise Floral Nail Art tutorial

Hello lovelies! I’ve missed blogging and especially doing nail art – school killed me, man -__- I feel like I want to do nothing all this summer just to get back at school wtf.

While at the drugstore last week I think, I found this awesome turquoise nail polish (by Maybelline Colour Show in urban turquoise) and if you don’t know, my favourite colour is turquoise so of course I had to buy right away! It was at a good price too 20LE. Found it in Mazaya for 28LE wtf.

Annnyway lets get this tutorial started

Nail Polishes:
Base & Top coat
Black (mine has silver glitters but can hardly see)
White paint or nail polish but I personally prefer using acrylic paint

1. Paint your ring and thumb nails with black and the rest using the turquoise.
20140731-110434 am-39874730.jpg

2. I then used a brush to draw to white flowers with white paint. Just draw a 3 petals, that’s enough.

20140731-110532 am-39932903.jpg

Tip: you don’t have to buy a nail art brush, just buy a water colour paint brush num. 00 – also make sure you dip it in vaseline to protect it.

3. Add black polka dots on your turquoise nails and a turquoise dot in the middle of the flower. Then add two leaves buy adding a curves line beside the flower and then creating “u” shapes on either side of it…

20140731-111430 am-40470382.jpg
And that’s it, you’re done!

20140731-111754 am-40674936.jpg

20140731-111753 am-40673004.jpg

What do you think? (^ω^)

Have you guys seen the new Christian Louboutin nail polish?

20140731-112812 am-41292372.jpg

I read that its $50 a bottle?! Wtf seriously, why? Its pretty I must admit but still with that price I expect some magic to happen on my nails. Also how do you get any control or precision with that brush? Idk who in their right mind would buy it .-.


DIY: Activated Charcoal Face Mask

I’ve been having really bad breakouts for the past few weeks and my mud masks aren’t doing a good job at fighting the acne lately – maybe I need new masks. However, I find that nothing works as good as home made masks. So I did a little research and found that activated charcoal is great at fighting off acne and so I cracked my own little recipe.

1 activated charcoal pill
1 tsp of yogurt
1/2 tsp of honey
Few drops of orange blossom water

1. Charcoal has natural detoxifying properties. It draws oils, bacteria and dirt out of pores which helps in fighting acne.

2. Yogurt is always my go to product during break outs. Its benefits are countless! It contains:
Zinc which is an anti inflammatory that makes it good a reducing swellings caused by acne and even out skin tones. It also has mild astringent properties to help tighten the skin tissue.
Lactic Acid smoothes rough skin, exfoliates and moisturises and is anti ageing.
Calcium helps in skin regeneration and is an anti oxidant which heals dry skin.
B-vitamins hydrates skin and makes it glow and is necessary for cell growth and skin renewal. It also protects the skin from free radicals.
All of these help in clearing acne, lighting and tightening the skin and maintaining a wrinkle free skin.

3. Honey is a natural anti bacterial which is great to prevent acne. It is full of anti ageing properties. Moisturising, soothing and clarifying (opens up pores).

4. Orange blossom water or you can use normal water, but I find this more beneficial to my skin. Orange blossom water is rich in A, C and anti oxidants. It helps in balancing skin oils, hydrates, firms and reduces redness.


Put the charcoal pill in a small bowl and add a few drops of orange blossom water to help break it down to powder, this could take a long time. I kept hitting the pill with my spoon to break it and when it finally did, I placed it on the back of the spoon and started grinding it on the bowl like how you do with a mortar and pestol. After it became a liquid, I added my honey and yogurt and stirred.

20140703-110815 pm-83295383.jpg

The mask is a silvery black colour which is very pretty must I say. No it is not staining and easy to take off, but takes a really long time to dry. I think around 45 minutes?

I applied it before my shower today and after I came it my skin was noticeably improved. My acne swelling was gone by a lot and the redness was reduced, I think I’m in love with this mask. Its not even messy!


Single by choice…. My choice

A few weeks ago I’ve been asked out by a new friend, but of course I turned him down. I don’t know why, but I haven’t fallen for anyone for a really long time. I didn’t find it weird until Ahmad stated that its not “normal” I guess? Its not my fault though now one has been living up to my expectations hahaha :P

Usually when a guy compliments me, it attracts me to them however, this time it didn’t. Not even a little bit, even if his compliments were showering me, I couldn’t scroll up in our chat without finding a comment he said about how nice or pretty I am. Still it didn’t build any feelings in me, I didn’t want him to stop neither did I want his feelings towards me to go anywhere. The dude even ordered a book about Japan because he knew how big my love is towards Japan. It was pretty obvious that he liked me and I tried to dodge the likes he was throwing at me in every way possible. Here is something about guys: they only hear what they like and their brain does not register what they don’t like. I’ve thrown countless of comments on how I couldn’t care less about relationships and it seemed to walk right passed him, he wouldn’t even wave goodbye.

I don’t really want a relationship that would go anywhere and the way he talked showed how much he would want the love story crapp – know a girl at young age and marry and get
Kids when older so it kinda freaked me out. I don’t even want to get married for god’s sake and the thought of just being with the guy forever didn’t feel good. I don’t want to “settle down”, I’m just 17 almost 18 and I have no intentions of getting married someday and I want to be alone for some time. Like live alone and travel alone, not tied down to anyone. Just the thought of relationships is too restricting. Mainly due to how Egyptian guys love to be in control of the girl.

I don’t plan on getting into a relationship any time soon and if I do, I’ll make sure that the unfortunate guy knows that the relationship wont go anywhere and of course there must be attraction. I almost got mad at myself for rejecting the guy and question myself on how bad it could be, luckily I knew it would be really bad because I don’t like commitment.

Something that I learned about guys is that when they like someone, they see them as perfect. I don’t like being seen as perfect because I know I’m not, I’d have to keep up the person’s expectations that I know I’ll never be able to live to keep up with them plus I cant see anyone as perfect, that’s a part of myself that I really like because its built up on art; see the pretty in ugly and ugly in pretty, perfect is an illusion and I dot like it. Would that make me the bad guy in the relationship?