Getting Ready tips snd tricks + College Ramble…

Lately I’ve been really busy with college work. I’m already accepted in one college but I’m not so sure if it would be right to attend it as it doesn’t have the department I’d like to study, which is interior design. However they teach it as a course so there is that and its like 10 minutes from my house so thats a huge plus. The college I’m applying for now is the MSA and literally has everything that I want, but with one set back. Its too far and how long I take on the road varies due to traffic. I can take either 30 minutes which isn’t bad or 2 hours which is really bad considering that I’ll be studying arts & design which would give me buttload of assignments to work on with just a little time to do them in. I could keep going on with this argument but I’ve probably bored you already.

For the rest of the week I’ll be attending this art course offered by the MSA to prepare me for the exam. Tbh I don’t really need it, especially after seeing other students’ works but I thought it would be a good experience and it would warm me up to the college as it freaks me out; I even already made a friend.

I woke up super duper late today, somehow I managed to sleep through my alarm and 3 people calling on my phone to wake me up. Its like I died or something. I got ready in less than 10 minutes I think which has never happened in my life before. I take at least 30 minutes to get ready. Fortunately I packed my back the night before.

Tips on How to Get Ready Fast



4pm. Slightly oily on the nose.

4pm. Slightly oily on the nose.


  • Nivea Men After Shave Balm in Sensitive as primer
  • Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation applied with a sponge
  • Essence All About Matt! Fixing Powder
  • Essence Lash & Brow Gel Mascara to keep my brows in place
  • L’Oreal True Match Blush in Tender Rose on my cheeks
  • L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara
  • Essence XXXL long lasting lipgloss is 06 soft nude/matte effect

If you’re late then definitely skip eyeliner, it just takes why to much time and if you mess up then you’ll even take extra time to clean up and make sure it didn’t leave a muddy mess behind.

If you guys watch Nikkie Tutorials then you’ve probably seen her use the Nivea aftershave balm as primer and I really wanted to try it. Its so good tbh! I’m really oily so makeup usually melts of my face easily, when I tried this today my makeup was on from 9AM to 5PM OKAY?! THATS PRETTY EPIC. I was a bit oily on my nose but it wasn’t that bad. Usually my makeup would have melted by the time and I’d be so freaking oily the US would want to invade my face x.x” The all about matt! powder really helps too. On its own, it reduced my oiliness with approximately 40%

The L’Oreal true match blush is super duper awesome to as it highlights as well as giving pink natural blush to the cheeks so thats efficient and time saving, right? XD


I put my hair in a messy bun the night before and slept with it on so I wouldn’t have to deal with hair in the morning XDD



When I know I should be waking up early I ready my clothes the night before as I know I’m not and never will be a morning person, but if I fail to so I just put on a basic tee and jeans and bam! Thats it.

Here is a trick, always keep gum in your bags and purses. I didn’t have the time to have breakfast or coffee so thats good because my mouth wont stink as bad and sometimes the tooth paste just doesnt feel enough so gum it is. Keeping a pack in all your purses will solve and stinky breath and you won’t have to run around the house looking like a lost penguin searching for something to make you less stinky.


Pictures of the university:

We were taking the course in the Pharmacy building for some reason, this is what it looks like ~


The view of the campus


Art & Design building ~

IMG_1952 IMG_1953 IMG_1954

Its so beautiful!! (>o<)


Selfie just because x3

Something I really enjoy is that I’ll be seeing the pyramids and nile on daily basis if I do enter this college. I can’t get my head wrapped around the fact that the pyramids is one of the world’s seven wonders and I get to see it whenever I want yet some Egyptians don’t really care it that much.


{Re-bloom} watercolour art

  Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of crap in my life which is finally starting to get better ^_^ due to the on going crap of life i haven’t been able to draw good stuff like I used too. One of my struggles was a battle with  water colours. My first contact with water colours created a beautiful mermaid that I can’t believe I painted because the rest of my work with water colours were just epic fails. 


I believe in Mermaids

Last Tuesday I said, you know what? That’s it! I’ll just draw one more piece and paint it with water colours and if I fail then I lose the battle against friggin’ water colours! So I put on my victorean armour on and proceeded to search WeHeartIt for inspiration. (Click here to view my weheartit profile) 

I knew I wanted a photo that has flowers in it and totally ignored the fact that flowers are one of the hardest things to paint. I wanted flowers because it would be a symbolic statement of my relationship with water colours. If the painting turned out good then it would mean that my relationship with water colours have bloomed to a good one dispite whatever type of relationship we share. I wouldn’t  care what type of bond forms between me and watercolours, either love (roses), commitment (daisies), or constantly changeable (cloves). However if the painting failed, then this would be the death (lilies) of my relationship with water colours. Yes, I thought a lot about it. 

Here is how it came out:

 I think my relationship with water colours would be a love and hate relationship. 



w/o flash







Heroin Addiction ✧

IMG_1571[1]Today I started watching this show about drug addiction, a lot of Egyptians probably have finished watching it already. Its called Taht ElSaytara (Under Control). I couldn’t help but see myself in the lead actress, we share a lot of traits with a few small but at the same time major differences. We both overthink everything, we’re not good with confrontations, we’re both stuck in lives we can’t control and we fear losing control of our lives, we fear a lot of stuff, especially lonelliness but we’re both strong. We chose different passes to deal with our lives and this is due to our different traits. I have anxiety disorder. My anxiety controls me, it makes me think of the unthinkable. I think about something before it happens, its results and consequences; its usually just delusions and nothing ever happens, but I still worry about it until I feel like my body is struggling from addiction. Surprisingly, my anxiety saves me from narcotics. The lead character dove intro narcotics to escape “now”, but escaping isn’t forever and I want something forever however this is called death and I don’t want to die. I have a lot of dreams and I wont rest until I make at least one of those dreams come true. My method of escaping consists of dreaming, either asleep or awake. While still watching this series I thought maybe that evil faux friend haven’t tripped me yet, but will get to do so in the future and I’d fall. As if the computer heard me and and decided to reply me, a sentence was said, “… Some people just never think of it.”. Even though this laptop I’m using isn’t mine, but it definitely is a damn good friend – it answered my question if I’ll ever fall. I won’t. I never thought about drugs or even alcohol for that matter. I hate being controlled and I’m not one of those stupid people who just doesn’t believe that these substances can’t control me. They’re not a living thing, this doesn’t mean its weaker than humans. If medicines can heal our bodies then narcotics can destroy us. The only control we have over it is to take its pass or not. I hate losing control of myself, it scares me beyond anyone could begin to understand. The character just wanted to lose control at the moment, she didn’t have anxiety to make her worry about the aftermath, she just wanted to stop thinking for a while and she thought that this break would help. It doesn’t, never does. When I started it hookah, it wasn’t because I was just going with the flow. I had researched it before and when the chance came, I tried it and liked it. Its not as addicting as cigarettes so I knew I was safe. So its not that I just “realised” what I’m doing, I knew exactly what I was doing. When I found that I’ve taken I liking to it, the option of vaping appeared to me. I should order one soon as I’ve saved up its money. I thought that I’ve already got people in my life hurting me and unfortunately for me I can’t just rid myself of them so I can’t be hurting myself too. One day I’ll leave this life and I need myself to be ready for this not broken to pieces. I don’t want an escape, I want a solution so I wont have to deal with this shit anymore. -Panda/Deww

Playing With Dolphins {Photography}


Recently when I was talking with Sissy and apparently she was confused about my/our names. I figured out how to add users as Alice and I (Deww) blog here and just blogging from pandacookieoutofthebox user might confuse you and us too as we forget to sign our names after writing comments so now if you look above under the title ^ you’ll see “by pandadeww’ or whatever Alice chooses as her username as she still hasn’t made a username. Hope this clears up confusions and you can also find more about us in… well the “About” section (^^,) Also I just realised that because now I’m a new user I’ll have to refollow everyone I followed on pandacookieoutofthebox.


Sissy, I know I told you I’ll edit the last picture, but you’re so pretty so I ended up stealing one more to edit T_T hope you’re okay with this!

You look like a dark red rose here *~*

when I first so this pic, I instantly was reminded by the 60s!

I hope you like them! (^O^)

3.I went on a week vacation in Ein El-Sukhna, Egypt and returned last Wednesday. We spent the last day in Porto Sukhna and did some fishing. I’m not really into fishing as I – well I just simply suck. It needs a lot of concentration and I cant do this >.<”


Look at how clear the water is!

My mum sucks at fishing >.< her first catch was a coral and its actually illegal to “fish corals” as its destroying the fishies’ homes. If you look closely, you’ll be able to see a fish! It contained 2 fish, 1 of which we were able to save and 2 crabs.


Fish my sister and brother caught

A clown fish my brother caught but we had to let go off as they are not edible.
Hamour fish my sister caught, its damn huge! It also could be sold 120+EGP but we ate it x3 it was quite yummy, really soft too!

While we were leaving, dolphins showed up! I was waiting for them during our trip. I just LOVE dolphins, they’re so cutee! When we first saw them, they were far and the fishermen that accompanied us said that there was a shark inbetween them O.O I saw it, its fin was different and had a paler colour. Dolphins, swim around it to protect fish and humans from it. Its sad I couldn’t take a photo of it, it was really far and it was really hard to spot.

They swam beside the boat and kept racing us, it was really hard to take photos as they kept appearing from different sides of the boat, its disappointing to realise that I wasn’t able to capture them while they did the flips, it was adorable!
IMG_1435[1] In the picture above, one of these dolphins did a backward flip as they left. It almost felt like a goodbye Q_Q I didn’t want to say goodbye, they were just so happy and cute

I have videos of the dolphins but I haven’t watched them yet plus I’ll have to remove our talking from it so maybe I’ll post it next blog post ^.^



I got those waves by tying my hair in a low braid after showering :3


Beach Pictures.

Last time i went to the beach, I captured these photos , it was i think 8 am  and there was no one. The beach was all mine at the time and I felt like i should grasp the chance and take some shots. (These are unedited pics as well).






     (Heres one panorama pic as well)

Just thought it looked so serene ~
Enjoy them ×

Beach Pictures.

Last time i went to the beach, I captured these photos , it was i think 8 am  and there was no one. The beach was all mine at the time and I felt like i should grasp the chance and take some shots. (These are unedited pics as well).






    (Heres one panorama pic as well)

Just thought it looked so serene ~
Enjoy them ×

Red eye Makeup 

I’ve been loving red eyeshadows for quite a while but never really had the chance to try it out as I thought I don’t own one but apparently I do wtf. My 88 color palette cool matte eyeshadow has this brownish looking colour but its actually reddish. 


  • The Body Shop’s Instablur all-in-one primer
  • lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation in no. 01 Beige Albatre
  • Maybelline’s Clear Smooth All In One Shine Free Cake Powder in no. 01 Nude Beige
  • bH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette Cool Matte Eyeshadow
  • The Body Shop’s Liquid Eyeliner in no. 1
  • Catrice Kohl Kajal pencil in no. 040 White

I love this look to be honest, especially this day I looked really pretty – its shame I didn’t take more photos >.< I was already late

{I just blent in the red all over my eye lid and blent it away to make my eyes look longer. To highlight, I’d suggest avoiding white. I used a very small amount of shimmery pink eyeshadow on the brow bone and the middle of my eyelid and blent it really well}
Yesterday I repeated the same makeup look, because I woke up at 9am and had nothing better to do than play with makeup. However, I changed it up a bit. 

I used a purple eyeshadow before the red on the outer V of the lid to give more depth and used Wet’n’Wild’s megaprotein Mascara on my lower lashes only.

The Body Shop’s instablur primer could actually be used as an eyeshadow primer, makes the eyeshadows more vibrant and it makes all of my make up last longer so it would probably do the same with eyeshadow :P

I added a little bit of Catrice’s Sun Glow Matte Bronzing Powder for Light Skin alond my jawline and sides of my nose and Wet’n’Wild’s coloricon lipliner in no. 712 Willow to my lips.

Camwhore attack!

My eyes looks like some kind of thorned rose wtf

Why does half of my face look better than all of my face? x.x

That’s it I guess, I don’t want to turn this blog to place of unprofessional selfies. Maybe one day I’ll learn to take good professional photos of my makeup that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to post (^^,)