DIY recycle old frame to vintage victorian era frame

I’ve recently been obsessed with fixing old frames and restyling them since I realised I have old and ugly unused frames laying around. 

I have so far restyled 2 frames and this one is the Victorian style frame. 

Look at how ugly the before looks x.x 

You’ll need: 

  • Bronze acrylic paint
  • Different sized brushes
  • A sponge brush for even application 
  • Lamination paper [optional (the frame’s glass was lost so I had to improvise xD)] 

Mini cuddled with the paint bottle and slept to show support to my work and also show that she doesn’t give two hoots if I need to use the paint xD

I miss her so much …. RIP Mini <3 

Anyway, back to the diy. I used the the sponge brush to paint the surface of the frame which you’ll need to cover with two coats btw and the brush to paint the sides and gaps of the frame. 

After it’s completely dried, I started with sketching the picture I want. I already knew what I wanted and luckily I knew where to find the silhouette of the lady, which was in the frame section in Afterlight app. 

You can draw it like I did or trace of your computer like my sister likes to do xD or just print it but don’t forget to alter the size of the image to make it fit in your frame ! 

You can paint it with acrylic or gouache colour which would be better than what I did which was fill it in with a black marker. The reason why its better to paint it is because pens and markers will waste a lot of time and will leave streak marks so its better to avoid that. I then just cut out a piece of lamination paper to cover the paper. This is really important if your frame’s glass is lost because it protects your pictures or drawings from getting ruined!

More pictures (=^_^=)




So pretty, right? 


88 Color Palette bh Cosmetics Review +Makeup for Green Eyes

I’ve recently ordered the 88 color palette – cool matte eyeshadow from bh cosmetics and that’s probably the only thing good to happen to me since 2015 :o

I love makeup, but problem is that brands here in Egypt are either the really expensive ones like Chanel, Dior and Lancôme or drugstore types that are hard to find because they’re most of the time sold out, at least that’s what happens to me XD. I find a product, go home and read about it then go back to search for it only to find it finished. Happened to me with Essence’s concealer palette.

Anyway, so I found this page on fb that sells bh cosmetics and decided to make an order.


Even though it suppose to be a matte palette, there are some shimmery eyeshadows. I’d say from about 30-40 colours are shimmery. The colours are pretty pigmented though which is good but also kinda scary for me since eyeshadows seem to show easily on my skin, its like my pores produce eyeshadow primer wahahahaha.


Processed with Moldiv

1. Add a gold eyeshadow all over the lids, especially pack it on the tear ducts.
2. Highlight the brow bone with white eyeshadow.
3. Apply a dark brown eyeshadow on your outer V and blend well and slightly bring it down on the lower lash line.
4. Using a dark red eyeshadow apply it in a ball shape on the outer corner of your lids. This contrast green eyes to make it more vivid.
5. I skipped eyeliner and went straight to mascara only on my upper lashes. I used L’oreal’s Miss Manga mascara.
6. For the lips, I used Darling Pink matte lipstick from H&M on the centre of my lips and spread it out with my finger and then used Clarins’ Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 01.



Processed with Moldiv


What do you think ? ^_^

Also on a makeup related subject

I really like my lips in this picture xD
I had on The Body Shop’s pink lip stain in gradient effect and and topped by Clarins lip gloss ^_^


Polka-Dotted nails

If you’re absolutely obsessed with nail art like me but you don’t have time to spend on doing your nails or maybe just lazy (also like me xD) then polka dot nails are best choice for you. They’re so easy and you wont waste time doing it.

I cant stand having one colour on my nails. I have to have some kind of design going on but I’m almost always to lazy to do something so I’d just look at nail art pictures on and then just mix some ideas together to form a really cute but easy to do design. Also i don’t really have much control when I’m using my left hand to draw on my right hand nails so I’m kinda forced to do something easy.

This time though I wasn’t feeling like creating something or spending time on my nails so I decided to polka dot them and the results are super cute!

I used a nude-ish colour – kinda between pink and brown as a base and a turquoise (my favourite colour) for the dots.

Polka dotting used to confuse the hell out of me for some reason, I always screwed it up i think because I usually started the lines diagonally so I highly recommend dotting in vertical lines.

Idk how i got the scar, probably the cats were using my finger as a chew toy while I slept >.<

I have avoided updating to IOS8 for so long and now that I updated, I totally regret not updating sooner! The iPhone’s photo editor is amazeballs. All of the photos are edited with the iPhone’s editor – I usually used afterlight but now I think I don’t need that much editing apps anymore.

Tbh I really disliked iOS7, the modern theme was probably the only thing I liked about it so I wasn’t very welcoming of iOS8 until I was kinda forced too after a lot of apps created better versions for iOS8 or apps that only work on iOS8.


Mum bought me this ring, I love how super simple and pretty it is!


Losing a friend…

Losing a friend is hard. Especially when you’ve done a lot to them and be treated back with Ungratefulness and realising how shameless the person is. I wasn’t hurt however. I knew from the start that our friendship wouldn’t have lasted, but still I was disappointed.

I received her as a shipwreck and did my best to fix her back and I did a pretty good job even though I didn’t get to finish my work. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Knowing that she needed a lot of help, I still wanted to befriend her and help her out through her rough time. I continuously ignored my friends warning of being near her and stood up for her, reasoning that she was lost and is finally finding her way back on the road.

Being beside her made me happy, not just because I was helping someone but because she unknowingly made me stronger. I didn’t expect to receive shit from this friendship as I knew she was too broken to lend a helping hand and I was okay with that, but know she has something of mine that wont help her any way possible, but you still insist on ignoring me and wont give it back. I did not expect this shameless-ness or rudeness from her.

I expected to be hurt from the way she’s acting and surprisingly enough I’m not. I cannot wait to get my wallet back from her to finally cut all strings that keeps us together. It would relief me from that rage and anger I hold towards her.

As if God is trying to tell me not to care about her, he sent me one of her friends to wish me a new year and just by that he becomes a good friend of mine. He might not be the best person to befriend, but he respects me and faces what he did wrong instead of pretending to be a good person.

“I don’t regret one bit that I let you in my life, though I deeply hope that you would tilt your hear down and look at the gold ring on your finger that I gifted you and feel it burn with shame you should be feeling.”

I really wish she would come back and apologise – no I wont lend her my friendship again but at least I would know that she believes I’ve don’t good for her. I know I did good for her, I don’t need a confirmation. I just want to know it didn’t go to a waste.



Snowflake Nail Art ~

I have not blogged in forever and I feel super bad because the only excuses I have is that either all the projects I’m working on are unfinished or my life is completely boring wtf.

Anyway, here is a nail design I came up with






Mad Libs review (awesome game)

Hello! I’ve reviewed iphone games before however I ended up deleting all games I had, I don’t really enjoy games anymore. However, yesterday I found this game called “Mad Libs” which is pretty cool! I was bored and I thought “why not try something new?”. This game left me in tears from laughing. #noregrets

Kitchen Inspection:


Basically this is how to play: you first choose the “idea” of the story from the choices given, like “letter of recommendation”. Then the game asks you to either enter a noun, adverb, adjective, verb – those stuff and you keep on writing random words as asked. When you’re done the game will inform you and it’ll use your words to fill in the blanks in their story.
Here is my first attempt with my sister (we were still getting to understand the game):

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA epic story. I don’t think my father would appreciate even if I gave him a degree in running XD

Moar! X3

I’m not sure what type of restaurant we own…

Albert Einstein:

I don’t think he intended to be known for explaining the phenomena of subatomic bags.

It also allows you to save the story to your camera roll so you wont have to screen capture multiple parts.

So yea that’s it! I think of it like those stories we used to create at school? One person said a sentence the other would at up to it and it would keep going. I don’t think we’ve ever finished one of those stories, we would just keep going with it until the class ended. This is kind of like it except that its a digital version.

I would totally recommend this game! I’m not sure though if its available for androids.

I’m gonna go sleep now since its 6:30am now, fml >.<"
Buh bye!

Sakura Nails (Easy)

You guys ! This is a rare moment in history where i actually do a nail tutorial thing. Its not really a tutorial, its just that im very proud of myself at the moment :”)


       Here are my nails at the moment !

I used this picture as refrence : 


Method :
I used a very fine tipped bottle , filled with nail polish ( black and white) . I drew the branches first and then added five little dots with the white and then a black dot in the middle to be the centre of the flower.

Really happy with the result , hope you give it a try ~ Deww will be proud of me ♡

-Alice // Cookie