Panda’s New Year’s Resolutions

I really hope I fulfil most of them and not to forget that I even wrote them ūüė°

1. I will not skip school for no reason.

2. I will study more often.

3. Learn basics of Japanese and Korean. (I think a year is pretty good, Japanese is hard wtf)

4. I will pay more attention to my hair’s health. (Speaking of this, I need to shower)

5. I MUST stop being ashamed of my height and will answer honestly when asked about it. (Level: impossibru!)

6. I will stop thinking negative stuff of people.

7. I will stop being ashamed of myself.

8. I will stop gossiping. (Amost fulfilled)

9. Be better in Arabic. (1st language and can hardly write it wtf)

10. Lose weight. (I will lose so much weight so when I hit a wall my tummy will touch it last)

11. Control my anger issues.

12. Get back to drawing. (So one day I’ll be able to draw a portrait in 10 minutes and because its the only talent I have)

13. Will most definitely do something about my fish memory.

14. Will find the “safe place” I put 80% of my stuff in.

15. Master the rubiks cube.

16. I will wake up early on weekends. (Level: difficult)

17. I will be more organised.

18. Once I start blinging stuff, I will not leave it unfinished

19. I will learn how to dance.

20. I will be more responsible. (… Hopefully not responsible of murder :P)

21. I will eat more healthy food.

22. Try to spend more time with le parents.

23. I will start reading books and not get bored of it after five minutes.

24. I will stop spending money on cute useless stuff.

25. I will stop spending 70% of my day day dreaming about stuff that I know won’t happen. (Receiving a letter from Hogwarts and killing zombies, wtf)

26. I will give up on having a good voice because I have a very squeaky voice.

27. I will stop cursing.

I think that’s all I can think of for now, maybe I’ll add more later. Now for the question
Should I study I.T or shower? :O


New Years Resolution !

Well as we are nearly hitting 2013, here is my most important one:

Lean Japanese and Korean with Panda ! <3″

Other things on the list include:

-Get in perfect shape-

-Focus on my studies so I can achieve-

-Improve my singing skills-


….Andd heres a random picture of my one of my fav. K-pop singers……. hehehehe


Just finished my strawberries topped with condensed milk so I guess I can write about my day noww


Had lunch with le father today at Chillis and then went shopping. Everything was cute boring, all clothes are either for Summer or not my size. Also nothing really caught my eyes except that hoodie dress at H&M


At Zara there was this skirt that was super cutee! Reminded me of Nana Osaki, tried it on but didnt buy. Not really into skirts so no reason to buy, right ?



Thats it for the shopping.

Tomorrow I have school, Arabic and Civics -_- haven’t attended a lesson since those two classes started, didnt even receive the books yet, fml. I just really hope I dont see my last year’s arabic teacher what so ever. I dont wanna go TT_TT

I guess I’ll go watch Harry Potter now. Why am I not Hogwarts? Life would be awesomee .-. Magic, Y U NO real ?

X3 Kpop Day

Was hanging out with my little cousins (6 and 3) and had an awesome time listening to Genie bySNSD and Gangnam style -and dancing-. They also happen to like Junsu’s Uncommited , and Super Junior’s Mr Simple. X”)
I see a future of kids with a good  wonderful music taste!

Also bought a cute pair of gloves at the mall !


– Cookiee

PandaCookie Restaurant?

¬†I was looking over an actress called Ku HyeSun with Alice (AKA Cookie) over Wikipedia, and wow at her career, this girl is super awesome. She’s pretty, good voice and pretty much talented in everything!

¬†I was like I think I should go kill myself, but yea since I’m talking with the optimistic Alice – she came up with the idea of opening a restaurant, why? Because I mentioned that when I was younger, I wanted to work as a waitress (just to write on that mini note book they have … hehehe) and Alice wanted to be a bartender just to be able to test taste all those smoothies. I even came up with a motto!¬†”We make sure everything tastes good … Ourselves”¬†

¬†Don’t we have the awesomest dreams? :”D¬†