Panda’s New Year’s Resolutions

I really hope I fulfil most of them and not to forget that I even wrote them ūüė°

1. I will not skip school for no reason.

2. I will study more often.

3. Learn basics of Japanese and Korean. (I think a year is pretty good, Japanese is hard wtf)

4. I will pay more attention to my hair’s health. (Speaking of this, I need to shower)

5. I MUST stop being ashamed of my height and will answer honestly when asked about it. (Level: impossibru!)

6. I will stop thinking negative stuff of people.

7. I will stop being ashamed of myself.

8. I will stop gossiping. (Amost fulfilled)

9. Be better in Arabic. (1st language and can hardly write it wtf)

10. Lose weight. (I will lose so much weight so when I hit a wall my tummy will touch it last)

11. Control my anger issues.

12. Get back to drawing. (So one day I’ll be able to draw a portrait in 10 minutes and because its the only talent I have)

13. Will most definitely do something about my fish memory.

14. Will find the “safe place” I put 80% of my stuff in.

15. Master the rubiks cube.

16. I will wake up early on weekends. (Level: difficult)

17. I will be more organised.

18. Once I start blinging stuff, I will not leave it unfinished

19. I will learn how to dance.

20. I will be more responsible. (… Hopefully not responsible of murder :P)

21. I will eat more healthy food.

22. Try to spend more time with le parents.

23. I will start reading books and not get bored of it after five minutes.

24. I will stop spending money on cute useless stuff.

25. I will stop spending 70% of my day day dreaming about stuff that I know won’t happen. (Receiving a letter from Hogwarts and killing zombies, wtf)

26. I will give up on having a good voice because I have a very squeaky voice.

27. I will stop cursing.

I think that’s all I can think of for now, maybe I’ll add more later. Now for the question
Should I study I.T or shower? :O


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