Small vs. Big

Last week while I was spending my time with mum, she suddenly said my hands are big. At first I was surprised cuz I always thought my hands are small well to be proportional to my super short height. Then last saturday when my aunt was over she out of no where commented on how small my hands are and yea my face was pretty much like this o.O I realised how sad I was when mum told me my hands are big at that moment but I was unsure why. What’s wrong with big hands?

I started seeing how most girls today are trying to be smaller? Like I’ve seen girls wanting to be shorter (they don’t really know what they’re talking about -.-) and one of my friends likes to lie about her shoe size to make it smaller, since I’ve been to her house before and we’ve tried each other’s shoes too so she couldn’t be smaller than 36-37 just the same size as me but when asked she now says 34. Gets me really pissed of when she lies and she knows that I know her real size.

My sister too likes to show off her small hands and feet, she’s 20 and her hands are slightly bigger that mine and her shoe size is 39 while others her age tend to be a bit bigger.

All this got me thinking about my friends who are obviously bigger in size like super tall. I feel like whenever the topic about sizes comes up they shy away while smaller girls talk freely and proudly but as if they’re not happy with their size but I can somehow read through it and see how they’re liking their sizes, just complaining to get attention.
When I’m at the girls bathroom usually the most thin of all would complain about “how fat” she got while she’s just plainly fishing for compliments and girls how are bigger in size would be like “oh shut up! Look at how fat I am” and honestly most of them aren’t even fat but they’re “thicker” which makes them feel fat due to skinny girls trying to fake hate their sizes. Pretty annoying I must say.

I personally am one of those smallest girls in school but due to my small size my fat cannot be seen. I only get fat from my belly and love handles which I usually find easy to hide but that doesn’t make me stop from trying to lose them. I just don’t like saying that I’m “fat” because I know I am. I do well in hiding it, but its still annoying if I just go and say I’m fat while I “look” the smallest. Wish they’d stop already. Why do girls get so annoying?!

So what I still don’t understand is why is smaller better. I know having I slim waist, thin arms and face is better, being thin is better than fat but super small in everything? Wasn’t a few years ago curvy bodies were the best? Now they’re totally shy to share their sizes with friends because they’d seem fat.

Not really sure where this is going to, but why don’t everyone just stop talking about how fat they are and instead put their selves into action and lose the weight they so much hatee.

I really want to understand why being super small is now the better thing to be? I totally felt I bit depressed when I was told my hands are big but I don’t know why. Maybe because being short and having big hands is a but un proportional? Hehe xP



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