Awesome day+ fight

Today’s exam was pretty easy surprisingly and the supervisor aloud us to cheat wtf. So most probably a good mark.

It was planned that we’d go over at a friends house (Hoda) after the exam. The girl was okay with us coming in the morning. I specifically told her that Menna, Aya, Lina and I are coming. She joked about how her room might not be able to fit us all, but seemed like she didn’t mind, she even stated cooking and watching a movie after lunch.

After the exam she asked me if I had invited Lina and I said yes she got mad and said that not everyone should be invited even though salma who is the one who came up with the idea said to invite everyone. She just said something which was pretty offending because it meant that the four of us are not welcomed and she doesn’t even know Lina very good and left. At that time I couldn’t register what she said, we’ve known each other for FIVE years! Now not welcome? WTH. I talked with Menna about it then Aya caught up and I told her what happened. We were pretty angry at how she acted and also because everyone was going at her house just to meet with Salma and Yara. We then told Lina and she got mad too. I told Huda that were not coming and instead of her trying to tell me that its okay and we should come (even though we wouldn’t have accepted) or apologise for the way she talked to me she just told me “okay” and I swear I could see her eyes smile -.-

We decided that we’d forget about this and continue with our own day, its not like she’ll stop our fun or happiness. Suddenly she called me and told me that I didn’t tell her that Aya and Lina are coming, I was somehow called a liar but she’s the one who’s OBVIOUSLY lying, how did she know Lina and Aya were invited then? I left her and sat back with my friends and laughed like nothing happened. A girl asked what happened and Aya told her, and said that what Huda did was very ill-mannered of her. After awhile Huda came shouting at Aya telling her to get up and how could she say that she’s a bitch, they got the girl and cleared up that Aya didn’t say that and that she’s making up stuff (another lie and she dares calls me a liar). We also told her that we don’t want to go to her house whatsoever, its not like its something sacred wtf. I swear this girl is. Even more bipolar than me! She then said that if we want to come we could, like hell she finally sees that she’s wrongg! But let’s see, weren’t we unwelcome few minutes ago? Now you remember that were old friends and that’s okayy? She even said that not everyone that shows up at her door will let them in, are we’ll like thieves or somethingg?

Anyway, we ended up going out and had more fun that she’d ever had, just caused everyone to get upset and mad at her then teared a bit in the end to make it as if she’s as how Alice put it up “underdog”. Other girls were forced to go to her house because of their parents but didn’t even have fun. We on the other hand, ate at pizza hut and met friends while walking around. We def walked a lot! I can feel my leg muscles aching even though I’m laying in bed. Speaking of bed, I must go to sleep, its 3:25am.

This sums up my awesome day that I thought was gonna get ruined. Now good nightt!



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