I GOT AN A IN ART was super surprised, didn’t expect an A at all. The teacher would scream at me every single lesson telling me I’ll fail (me and 2 other girls). Now lets see who will fail -.-

At first I was day dreaming about getting an A, but knew it was impossible for someone like me to get A. Also the teacher’s shouting got to me! I mean everything day, she would tell me I’ll fail if I keep working in the speed rate I’m doing; had to get in my head somehow and it didn’t help that I knew I’m slow.

I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE SAY ART IS EASY!! its not easy, okay? Even if it sounds easy, its def not! I like and can draw so I expected it to be easy. Here is why its not easy:
1. You are forced to draw.
2. You don’t have much option on what to draw.
3. Must do good in art and design to get good overall grade.
4. Depends on what the examiner thinks of it. Art is pretty hard to grade, everyone has their own sense of art.

I did not like design even though I did good in the exam, maybe better that art! However, I did not like the subject and you have to take it and ged good grading. For example, if I had gotten an A in art and a C in design – my overall mark would be a C (thats what the teachers said).

Today I was super sick! I was good when I woke up. During school I felt my head getting heavy and body is tired and runny nose. When principle came, I got in the crowd to see my grade. During the fight of reaching the papers to see my grade, I started feeling a bit better and almost fainted when I discovered I got an A. Fell on the chair and started fanning myself then got jumped by friends to ask how I did. Now its 11:37am and feeling tired again and cant find medicine so I’m near zombie mode.
Thats all, buh bye diary!


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