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How to not: Make a bracelet

So a few days back i was looking for an easy DIY, fun project to do ! So i came accross this and it caught my eye :


I already had the lace ( with some adjustments) and i had the challenge of executing it ! So i went out and bought the materials i needed.


The lace happened to be too thick , so i cut the strip in half to fix the issue. After following the steps on the tutorial i ended up with this :


I was very proud :”) but i had to attach something to close it with. I used a lock from an old bracelet i had.



     And tadaa !! I ended up with this


                   Try it yourself !



Fantasy Sky Nails

I’m finally writing this jinxed post! First time when I was writing, internet went off, yesterday my mum got a call on my phone and it lasted like 2 hours, when I finally got my phone back internet went off -.- so here goes…

What you need:

20130225-022006 PM.jpg

I wasn’t able to take photos of the process of the steps since I take my own photos so not possible. Anyway, I drew my steps on a paper ^^

Dip your nail art brush in some body butter to soften it and then coat it with vaseline to protect it from the damage, polished and acetone does to it. Don’t forget to rub excess vaseline from your brush.

Start of with a base coat then paint your nails the colors of a fantasy sky, since its fantasy, use whatever color comes in your mind when you hear the word fantasy sky. For me, I used a navy blue and then topped it of with a sheer metallic pink varnish on top. For the clouds, I used a silver nail varnish. Just place the swirls where ever you want then add some lines in between to connect them. Like this:

20130225-023012 PM.jpg

That should be your results

20130225-023958 PM.jpg

Super pretty, eh? Just use a generous amount of top coat so your design doesn’t get smudged!


Tiring day

Even thought today was a very tiring day, I’m pretty happy. Bought candles and sheet masks! I had IT at 1-2:30 then physics from 4-6. Sounds like a normal day of a student, but I’m super sick, brain not processing anything Dx

During physics lesson, something would go like *psst* almost like a fart sound but then it didn’t smell bad and no one was sitting behind me, took a lot of self control from me not to laugh; happens like every 30 minutes.

After I was finished, I went to the mall and bought the stuff I’ve been wanting to buy for a week + a toothpaste that I wanted in months. Mum bought that organic toothpaste, not that I mind it, BUT it was super salty LOL

20130223-073816 PM.jpg

The candles are perfect! One Sweet Pear Lily and other is Creamy Vanilla Swirl. Was gonna buy cinnamon crunch instead of lily because it smells spicy? Haha like a cinnamon and apple pie mixed together, but le sissy doesn’t like cinnamon smell so she wont let me light it. Vanilla swirl is super yummy, already makes me hungry With out lighting it FML. Probably not gonna light it any time soon, people are trying to lose weight here! -.-”

That’s it for today, probably gonna post the tutorial of my later tonight or maybe even tomorrow.

20130223-074520 PM.jpg

People keep complimenting me about my nails, super happy with my work (didn’t use Konad).

I’ll go have lunch now and phone is low battery so buh-byee! ^o^


How To protect your rings from rusting

I think the most annoying thing about accessories is the rusting. You have to take off before showering and washing hands, then forget to wear them and lose them. Lost a lot of rings in malls’ restrooms -.- I’m a pretty forgetful person and a lazy one too if the thing I have to do is not creative.

Rusting happens from water and oxygen, so a way to block both from my dear accessories is by spraying gloss spray on them. Ive heard about using a clear nail varnish (top coat), but it wasnt very convincing for me. No matter how good the quality of the varnish is, it will still chip off, also will waste a lot if you have to reapply every few weeks and wont be an even coverage. On the other hand, glossy sprays does not chip off and since its a spray, you’ll end up with a more even coverage and one spray can would be more than enough to cover all of my accessories.

With necklaces, its better to just spray the charm only, because the necklace itself needs to be able to move freely around your neck, so by using gloss spray, it’ll harden it and would be pretty much ruined.

Just place the ring/charm on a piece of paper and spray from around a 30cm distance, that way, you have a chance to get it evenly covered and thin coats for it to dry faster – I always go with just 3 coats. Then when its dry, flip to the other side and spray. Ta-dah! Thats its! Pretty easy, eh?

I really like doing this to all my accessories because they usually have some blings on it so this way they wont fall ^o^

Buh-byeee (^3^)^


How To Not bling your phone covers’ 2

Go to part one here

Last time I was short on blings so here is the continuation, but also its not fully blinged. I’m not sure if I want to bling it all so anyways, so far I’ve just added a butterfly design on it.

1. Hoop blings and normal shaped
2. Slow drying glue
3. Gloss spray
4. Something to eat xP
5. French manicure pen (optional)
6. Scissors

Lay out your stuff 😀

20130216-074023 PM.jpg

20130216-074331 PM.jpg
Smexeh chocolaatee ;D

Stop getting distracted by the malteasers and start planing your design! Hahaha

20130216-074852 PM.jpg

It took me like an hour to come up with a design wtf. I went with the second picture, wasn’t sure what i was doing that time either. Looks very weird x3

Before glueing, I decided to use french manicure pen to outline my design (it rubs off) so I don’t make it slanted or not in the middle. It didn’t show much in the picture. Also filters didn’t help much.

20130216-075923 PM.jpg

Glue into marked places, also before removing the unglued design, take a picture, it helps if you have a goldfish memory like Alice and I.

I broke a circle bling with a pair of scissors, damn hard! It looked like I could break with just my hands, but doesn’t work! Don’t get tricked! I used my candle to just SLIGHTLY melt down the hard edges of the broken edges.

Then I realised that it looked like a butter fly so I added the antennas and that’s it! Pretty? ^o^

20130216-084945 PM.jpg