Uninvited boy

I realised that all my blogging is done at around 2am, isn’t that what is called the “demonic time”? Hmmm maybe this blog is possessed hehe. Its the fact that I wake up late (I will wake up early) so I start my day late, then blogging comes in the end of “my day” which happens to be the demonic hour :3

Anyway, today was a rather weird day. I was suppose to be having lunch with dear grandy (grandfather) but he decided he wants to eat fish… I don’t eat fish unless its sushi, resulting in me sitting on the table looking like a major weirdo. Eh didn’t fe awkward, he’s family.

Trixie was rather weird today, she was on some serious cancer drug or something. Not like super active or anything but acted surprisingly so cool. She hates hugs, I hugged, squeezed, made no scientifically no space between me and her and she didn’t budge! I had a random thought wondering my mind that she could be dying or something! I decided to make sure she’s still alive by making a kitteh sandwich. How you ask? I laid on top of her xD well I didn’t put all of my weight on her but just acted as if I was laying in her. Finally she ran away. And that is how I figured out my cat is still alive healthily. (If your cat is not breathing due to the alcohol you dropped in her food during the house party you hosted while your parents are away on a business trip, I don’t recommend my kitteh sandwich method. Just simply tell her were going to the vet and she’s gonna jump out like dog)

I’ve been thinking lately, that this blog doesn’t have any purpose. Its just a journal, which is not bad but needs more. I’m attracted to nail art and makeup, maybe I’ll add them.

20130202-030346 AM.jpg
A picture of last month’s pineberry and strawberry nails. So pretty, right?

I also am planning on taking private tutoring in my subjects, which seem to be getting better grades out of me. Its just that I’m gonna miss my accounting teacher, he’s so good! But not enough for me. Point is, the money. Yea, not sure if my dad would pay.

I so badly want to live in a dorm with Alice. Away from my parents. I think it would be a good choice if I ever get the chance.

Anyway time for me to get dreamin’ and forget about my brother’s friend who oh so kindly decided to visit us. House was a mess, not in the need of two nine year old kids, maybe they were girls but I just cant handle boys’ noise. Makes me angry.



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