Welcome Back! :D

Mum travelled to Saudi Arabia 13 days back. Now she’s arriving today at around 9-10 tonight. So happy! ^o^

She said she bought loads of stuff for us, expected. We had to fill her visa every once in awhile, wouldn’t be surprised if we’ll be food-less for the rest of the month!

We decided to throw her a surprise/mini welcome back party. Probably she wont be surprised, we used to do that a lot. Which reminds me of some parties we did to le Father… Hmmm.

We (Sara and I) left the house at 12. Had lunch at Peking because we had a voucher LOL. Passed by the pet store to have a look at the kittens but it was closed -.- not that we’d buy anything. I also went to the salon to get my fringe trimmed. We bought a big bouquet because she loves flowers, also dinner and gateaux.

20130205-101214 PM.jpg
The flowers.

20130205-101322 PM.jpg
Table. So romantic xD

20130205-101413 PM.jpg
Flower the guy gave me a gift, super adorable!

That’s all so far. She should be arriving soon^^


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