I hate smokers

Last wednesday I had an IT lesson with a private teacher. I felt like I hate him, but I had know idea why. First thought was because I don’t like teachers who teach subjects I don’t like, but it wasn’t exactly why. Now I know. He always smell like smoke. The fact that he smokes is big deal with me. I just cant stand people who smoke, unless they’re family. If its a family member who is smoking then I’m concerned of why they want to end their lives.

A lot of people don’t see it the way I do. I see it as committing suicide. Smoke ruins your lungs, not only the lungs but also thickens the arteries that deliver blood from and out of your heart. Please tell me if can live with having bad smell, rotten teeth, age faster, short breath, dead lungs and heart that is wanting to stop beating just to end your life and end the body suffering?

I don’t see whats fun in watching someone stab himself to death. I don’t see how people smoke could laugh, they’re killing themselves, well painlessly and slowly but still they’ll diee! You are a criminal when kill someone and you are a criminal when you kill your soul!

All of those stuff go through my mind when I see someone smoking. I get mad I cant stand them. I know its weird to say but I cant stand anyone who smokes or drinks. Cancer sufferers are trying to hold onto their lives while smokers are selling theirs’ to cancer and death.

No one lives a super happy drama-free life, some people have drama more than happiness but you’re still living, I don’t think I’d wanna miss how the drama in my life ends. It would be easy just to kill myself but that wouldn’t be fun, eh?

All in all I don’t think I can get along with someone who tries to kill himself, I just feel its disgusting.



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