Adding yogurt to my diet

I think that the most thing humans want no matter what is to lose weight, even if you’re like 35kg wtf. No matter how much you weigh, you want less, simply because you can see the bad stuff in yourself more than anyone else.

Earlier, I figured out that yogurt helps in weight loss. So I’ve decided to get over the sour bitter taste and eat one cup daily, it actually doesn’t taste that bad after a while >o<

According to past researches, yogurt helps in making your body burn faster therefore helping you lose weight faster. Also I noticed that after eating yogurt, I tend to feel hungry less often so this obviously lowers my calorie intake daily. If you have a chocolate addiction like me you will need to cut more of other food, which isn't fun -.-" but with yogurt I don't feel the need of eating more meals other than lunch and dinner (I don't eat breakfast. Breakfast is for people who wake up early).

Alrighty, so how does it work? Meanie fats around your waist produce a troll hormone called "cortisol". Cortisol basically makes your life worser by making your body multiply in the amount of fat around the waist area (the place that everyone is aiming to be smallest in size has trolls). So this is how mr. Timmy (my belly) come to Earth. Anyway, yogurt contains calcium, calcium makes your body produce less of the troll hormone, there for less fat ^-^ (don't stress on your daily calcium intake because it can trigger acne).

Yogurt is gem-packed with vitamins that your body needs! potassium, phosphorous, riboflavin, iodine, zinc, vitamin B5 and vitamin B12. It is 60% of what an adult woman needs on daily basis in yogurt O.O! Maybe I should cut down a bit? Or Someday I'll be a super healthy lady ^o^

I hope this helps for who wants to lose weight, stay healthy!

Thanks for reading ūüėÄ



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