How To Not bling your phone covers’

1. Ugly mobile case (anything you want to bling)
2. Have a little amount of crystals
3. Glue that dries slowly (buy all the types of glue because you’re not sure which one works best)
4. Forget to buy an orange stick
5. Gloss spray (anything to seal in your design with)

Okay,lets get started! ^o^

20130211-043502 PM.jpg
*realises I bought a lot of glue that I don’t need wtf*

Spread out your stuff on a table

20130211-043805 PM.jpg</a

Watch The Big Bang Theory for distraction … Teehee x3

20130211-045336 PM.jpg
I recommend you plan first before glueing so you have an idea of what you want to do. For example, after finishing the top part I decided I wanted to continue the rest of the heart, but it was def hard getting them in to place like in number 2 so I decided to make the heart smaller in 3 and I’m glad I did. If I was to do the hurt in picture 2, the outcome of the heart would be uneven.

The cover still looked ugly after this and I realised I didn’t have much crystals left to finish blinging the surface left. I had few white and turquoise, other colours were brown, black and some tiny nail blings that are the same size of a bacteria wtf. So I decided to bling the bottom part only until I buy more crystals.

20130211-052027 PM.jpg

I did a few mistakes after glueing. I misplaced a big crystal in place if a small one and didn’t realise except after I finished, also the design was a bit slanted. Luckily, since the glue isn’t fast drying I was able to fix it.

I highly recommend that after you plan the design you want to make, take a picture of it before removing it so you wont forget the places of each crystal.

That’s it! Good luck ^_~




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