How To Not bling your phone covers’ 2

Go to part one here

Last time I was short on blings so here is the continuation, but also its not fully blinged. I’m not sure if I want to bling it all so anyways, so far I’ve just added a butterfly design on it.

1. Hoop blings and normal shaped
2. Slow drying glue
3. Gloss spray
4. Something to eat xP
5. French manicure pen (optional)
6. Scissors

Lay out your stuff ūüėÄ

20130216-074023 PM.jpg

20130216-074331 PM.jpg
Smexeh chocolaatee ;D

Stop getting distracted by the malteasers and start planing your design! Hahaha

20130216-074852 PM.jpg

It took me like an hour to come up with a design wtf. I went with the second picture, wasn’t sure what i was doing that time either. Looks very weird x3

Before glueing, I decided to use french manicure pen to outline my design (it rubs off) so I don’t make it slanted or not in the middle. It didn’t show much in the picture. Also filters didn’t help much.

20130216-075923 PM.jpg

Glue into marked places, also before removing the unglued design, take a picture, it helps if you have a goldfish memory like Alice and I.

I broke a circle bling with a pair of scissors, damn hard! It looked like I could break with just my hands, but doesn’t work! Don’t get tricked! I used my candle to just SLIGHTLY melt down the hard edges of the broken edges.

Then I realised that it looked like a butter fly so I added the antennas and that’s it! Pretty? ^o^

20130216-084945 PM.jpg


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