Tiring day

Even thought today was a very tiring day, I’m pretty happy. Bought candles and sheet masks! I had IT at 1-2:30 then physics from 4-6. Sounds like a normal day of a student, but I’m super sick, brain not processing anything Dx

During physics lesson, something would go like *psst* almost like a fart sound but then it didn’t smell bad and no one was sitting behind me, took a lot of self control from me not to laugh; happens like every 30 minutes.

After I was finished, I went to the mall and bought the stuff I’ve been wanting to buy for a week + a toothpaste that I wanted in months. Mum bought that organic toothpaste, not that I mind it, BUT it was super salty LOL

20130223-073816 PM.jpg

The candles are perfect! One Sweet Pear Lily and other is Creamy Vanilla Swirl. Was gonna buy cinnamon crunch instead of lily because it smells spicy? Haha like a cinnamon and apple pie mixed together, but le sissy doesn’t like cinnamon smell so she wont let me light it. Vanilla swirl is super yummy, already makes me hungry With out lighting it FML. Probably not gonna light it any time soon, people are trying to lose weight here! -.-”

That’s it for today, probably gonna post the tutorial of my later tonight or maybe even tomorrow.

20130223-074520 PM.jpg

People keep complimenting me about my nails, super happy with my work (didn’t use Konad).

I’ll go have lunch now and phone is low battery so buh-byee! ^o^



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