Fantasy Sky Nails

I’m finally writing this jinxed post! First time when I was writing, internet went off, yesterday my mum got a call on my phone and it lasted like 2 hours, when I finally got my phone back internet went off -.- so here goes…

What you need:

20130225-022006 PM.jpg

I wasn’t able to take photos of the process of the steps since I take my own photos so not possible. Anyway, I drew my steps on a paper ^^

Dip your nail art brush in some body butter to soften it and then coat it with vaseline to protect it from the damage, polished and acetone does to it. Don’t forget to rub excess vaseline from your brush.

Start of with a base coat then paint your nails the colors of a fantasy sky, since its fantasy, use whatever color comes in your mind when you hear the word fantasy sky. For me, I used a navy blue and then topped it of with a sheer metallic pink varnish on top. For the clouds, I used a silver nail varnish. Just place the swirls where ever you want then add some lines in between to connect them. Like this:

20130225-023012 PM.jpg

That should be your results

20130225-023958 PM.jpg

Super pretty, eh? Just use a generous amount of top coat so your design doesn’t get smudged!



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