Since it was decided for me to stay at Father’s, mum decided to take me out to today. 3 days in a row for me to have lunch at Peking, not bad I must say but I never thought I could get bored of the food. I like home baked food more.

After lunch we checked out some stores. I bought Mum a mug and she bought me one too, along with a little cute candle shaped like a jasmine flower and a hello kitty lamp. Super cutee! Le brother insisted on that we go to the 7D simulator – guy working there came to me and Sissy and asked us why aren’t we scared. At that point I realised nothing is scary after we watched The exorcism of Emily Rose. Just thinking of that movie gives me goosebumps.

Starbucks. Oh my god, this is another story. We decided to have drink there before we leave. The guys that work there must have the most horrible hand writing and cannot even understand what they say when they shout out the drinks name when its finished.

20130329-081252 PM.jpg
We stood there for like 20 minutes trying to figure out which drink is for which costumer plus there were a lot of people so baristas had to work super fast and got confused which drink they made for who. I was wearing freaking high heels T-T my legs were giving in. Then I found those super pretty cups in the above picture. I love the lotus flower! My favourite flower of all time, it even gave me a little bit of energy to wait even moree xD

20130329-081941 PM.jpg
(At Starbucks)

Also here is my awesomesauce nails

20130329-082532 PM.jpg
(No filters, just puri sticker)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do a tutorial, its pretty complicated to explain, but its easy to do. I don’t have pictures of steps but I’ll try to do an explanation.


Reunited !

Today Deww and I met up !  We had lunch together , Chinese 🙂 I tried new foods and stabbed food with chop sticks ! We also went shopping at random cheap shops (heheh its fun) and bought matching cups ❤



     Cheers ! (The peach ice tea was exquisite~)

                      – Tip of the day-

Enjoy a great time with a loved one everyday!

-Alice// Cookie

Despression take 10000

Recently ive been in such a crappy mood.
All i need is a reason to snap and here you have it, me walking and screaming , looking like a mess. (Listening to DHT-Depressed)..

Since some things that happened to me over the last few months , they have changed me as a person and made me sort of ..confused or insane. (They are inter changeable). I got to see the people around me better. They finally showed their true selves. Also , love is hard to find and its never feels good to feel hurt.

Everyone and everything seems to be going against my will and predictions. Today i snapped. I got into a fight with my parents, over something stupid just to cry for around an hour. Then , i started to talk aloud to myself to the the point where i was creeped out. It was my inner self complaining out loud. I told myself everything I was afraid to say.


I somehow felt jealousy for the first time… I was genuinely envious of something… its not a pretty feeling. I HATED IT. I was really confused and i felt ugly afterwards. Had anybody felt this way before?..


Reality Vs. Dreams

In dreams, I’m a good person, a loved person. I get good grades. I’m good at what I do. My parents are proud of me, however I don’t live with either of them. I travel around in fact I am given the choice to live in the country I most wish to be there in reality.

In reality, I’m … I’m not sure who I am. I’m a person who is provided with with two roads to take. I cant choose, in fear of taking the wrong way. Asking for help doesn’t do anything in my favour. Scared of taking a wrong step, I step backwards, until I find a temporary gateway. Its temporary, but it makes me happy to be there. Unfortunately, after I’m out of it, its time to make a decision, time to realise its just a dream… Dream.

20130322-013325 AM.jpg
I dream to be an interior designer, successful in it. Nothing is holding me back. I love what I’m doing. People are proud of me. I AM proud of myself. Doing what I love to do with my friends.

I’m just a student who tries hard, but never achieves. Not sure of the idea behind my existence. I’m sure everyone is created to do something. Doctors, engineers, teachers, maids, thieves, kidnapers, murderers and rapists. Good person and a bad person. I don’t know where I go, bad or good?

20130322-014056 AM.jpg
I don’t dream of my parents. Some one of them are bad, some of my family are bad, but who? It would help if I knew who’s good. I’d be able to take the right road.

20130322-014921 AM.jpg
I dream of being given the choice of living in the country I want to visit, however visiting is not enough. If I live there, I can start new. I’m not sure how would I “start new” by living in another country that is the opposite of what I’m living in. Isn’t that human nature? Our brains are set to think that living in a new country away from people we know will help us start new even if it will pull us out of our comfort zone.

In reality, to take a step to “start new” – you need to figure out which road you should take. Its kinda like stairs, you need to step on each step in order to get to the other one which is higher which means you accomplished something. If you manage to jump two steps in one go, you might risk falling. The step you skipped will hit you back. It wont be one step, it’ll double. Instead of solving on problem, you made it two. The old problem and the people who suffered your step.

20130322-015139 AM.jpg
I keep dreaming in hope of it someday to be reality. I try to make it as realistic as possible. As I dream of good stuff, I dream of bad stuff to make it equal. Just like real life, but instead in dreams, I know something good will happen next. In real life, I don’t know what will happen, who is the good and who is the bad. I’m scared of waking up. I’m scared of reality. I’m scared of both roads. I’m scared of everyone. I’m scared of… Myself.

Who am I? Why am I here? So far I can only come up with that I’m born to make everything harder for everyone. I tend to put who ever is closest to my heart in pain. I try to be part of the good, it however refuses me to join and I just cant bring myself to do bad, it disgusts me. Plus I’m putting everyone in pain, its probably enough.

I’m just a confused panda who thinks she might be a human that is putting herself in a world she’s not familiar with and trying to hold responsibilities that pandas aren’t capable of doing. Or maybe I am a human you thinks she’s a panda and is trying to achieve that but running away into dreams because she cant bear that life.

20130322-015516 AM.jpg

20130322-020200 AM.jpg
Sorry for the emo post but I felt like I needed to let that out.

-Panda/Dew or who ever that is…

How To Not Study

After the talk with Le Dad yesterday, I felt like I need to talk to someone and I wasn’t in the mood to be sad or mad. Funny how I’m not in the mood for a lot of stuff recently. For example: I’m not in the mood for studying or drawing but if I had to wait for me to get in the mood for either, I think waiting for world peace would be easier… Haha

I ended up calling Menna for like an hour about how much we need to study more, kinda like letting out our guilt of not studying by chatting about it. Isn’t that what every student does? Need to study? Well you have 3 options, which are: 1 study, 2 cry about how much you need to study and 3 call a friend who is equally in the same level as you on the idea of studying to talk about how guilty you are about not studying and wasting time in doing unimportant stuff. Yea that’s pretty much what an average student does on daily basis. Pretty interesting logic, I cant find a reason for us to do all those stuff when we could just suck it up and study xD

However, after the long talk which should have made me lock myself in studying, I ended up checking App Store for editing apps. Found this one called Repix which makes major epic pics. Here is what I did with it: (all pics are taken from google)

20130317-022405 PM.jpg

20130317-022644 PM.jpg
(Took Tsubasa’s picture from Xiaxue’s blog) Made her a Harry Potter character hahaha

20130317-022924 PM.jpg
This is taken by me.

20130317-023256 PM.jpg

20130317-023614 PM.jpg
I’m in love with this girl’s hair, I want to my hair like this someday. Although I wont look as cool as her >.<

That's what happened so far so buh byee!