How To Not recolour your bracelet

Alice and I bought BFF bracelets last year from Claire’s, unfortunately the colours on my bracelet faded away, can only slightly see that it used to be coloured. I don’t really take it off when I’m showering so that’s the reason behind the faded colours. I thought if I want it to last long and still look pretty, then its time for a fix!

20130304-040051 PM.jpg
This how the bracelet used to look like x3

Now lets get started!

Stuff you need:
1. Bracelet to be fixed (d-uh!)
2. Nail polishes of your choice
3. Cotton ball
4. Nail art brush
5. Vaseline
6. Glue tac

20130304-040450 PM.jpg

This how the bracelet looked like before fixing. Use a cotton ball to clean of the surface of the bracelet. Then add tiny pieces of glue tac between each bead to stop them from spinning around.

20130304-041208 PM.jpg

I ended up cutting this ball in even tinier pieces.

20130304-041636 PM.jpg

I first wanted to colour them with pastel colours instead of bright colours but since the other bracelet with Alice is bright colours, it’ll feel mismatched. I just had to change the tones of the blue and yellow since I had to work with what I have.

I put everything on my palette and started colouring ^^

20130304-044601 PM.jpg

Depending on the pigmentation of the polish you’re using, it’ll depend on how many coats you need, for me I just used one coat. I don’t really know how long it takes to dry since I was studying hehe. After its dried up, I went ahead and drew on the letters by dipping my nail art brush in black polish – don’t forget to coat the brush with vaseline to avoid ruining the bristles!

20130304-050051 PM.jpg
Wipe the excess on the back of your hand.

Repeat for all sides and then you’re donee!

Finished results:

20130304-050352 PM.jpg

Pretty, eh? Reminds me of kindergarden blocks haha!



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