Troll kittehh

When I woke up today, my mum told Trixie is lost.
20130304-064159 PM.jpg
We looked in every possible place in the house, she wasn’t there. I searched in the basement, on the roof, in out wardrobes, under my mum’s bed, behind the curtains and the bathrooms; everyplace she likes to hide in but nowhere to be found.

I knew she was smart and she’d be able to find her way back but I was still worried about her. Not like she can interact with people and ask them to help her. Also outside of my house, there are a lot of dogs plus the neighbours’ dogs so shed be dead, happened to my cousin’s cat. She went out, entered the neighbours house and they murdered her. After a lot of searching, my brother suddenly shouted “Trixie is here!”.

She came out of from behind the tv! She was stretching as if we disturbed her beauty sleep. I couldn’t hold it back anymore, hugged her to death and cried, just let her go to eat. I was so scared! She probably would have been super scared too if she was lost outside.

20130304-071015 PM.jpg


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