An ordinary day

My mum wanted to take my brother out today so I decided to tag along, a pretty good choice I might add. I woke up pretty late so I ate breakfast before going out which was cereal and milk plus I added a few circle pieces of bananas in it, tasted good! I just hope I don’t make it a habit.

We had lunch at Peking and since I wasn’t hungry I decided to eat healthy stuff and minimum calories. I ordered a vegetable soup (weird of me to order it though, took a lot of power of me to make it come out of my mouth), Kun Pao chicken and iced tea with peach flavour.

20130307-120548 AM.jpg
Soup tasted a bit oily so I added loads of salt an pepper to make it tasty xD but was goodd.

My brother wanted me to try the 7D simulator with him, the movie he picked wasn’t good but I enjoyed. He also seemed super happy that I’m with him. He said when dad would bring him here, he wouldn’t enter xD mum said he would never ride them, maybe he’s scared? Made me laugh a lot.

A shocking thing that happened today is that mum offered me ice cream, and I DECLINED!! let me say something about me, I NEVER say no to ice cream or chocolate. Maybe I’m sick and I need to see a doctor.

As usual, I bought some stuff I need from the craft store and forgot to buy other stuff, I needed double sided tape which I failed to remember. My god! I seriously need to do something about my memory… And maths wtf.

So I’ll go finish the project I’m working on now for organising my stuff and get some studying done so buh byee~



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