Blue ice cream cone

Yesterday was a very unusual day of my life, spent the whole day studying. Just took a few breaks here and there and guess what? Still not done with studying. My biggest problem with studying is I get distracted so fast, my attention span is the same as Dory (from finding nemo).

I also decided to get back to drawing, but since I cant really draw something I imagine, I had to find a picture to draw. MayMay Kay’s art really inspires me, so I searched her facebook pictures to find the easiest one to draw.

20130308-035548 PM.jpg
I guess not bad.

After a long period of studying, my brother came to my room with a box filled with colourful ice cream cones. Blue, purple and red *-* studying crashed in front of me… Not for long, we didn’t have ice cream so I continued to study T_T

Later mum ordered vanilla ice cream so I had to take a break, I mean it was fricken blue! I had no choice but to give up studying.

20130308-040539 PM.jpg
I thought the day I’d eat blue ice cream cone was never gonna come *-* I ate like to cones xD I’m not sure how many calories are there in ice cream but the cone had only 5cal per cone/cup so not bad, also I haven’t been eating junk food or anything unhealthy for to weeks. (One week I was sick I didn’t eat anything at all just water. The other week I was kinda disgusted of all unhealthy food). I think I lost like 2kg.

After finishing my ice cream, I realised how everything in my life is turning blue.
My room is blue
My desk is blue
My bed sheets are blue
My curtain is blue
My carpet is blue
My drawer knobs are blue
My glasses are blue
My pencil is blue
My iphone keyboard is blue
Some of my books are blue
My wipes are blue
My bling box is blue
My favourite bowl is blue
My cup is blue
I have blue shirts and sweaters
My relationship with my parents is more on the blue side (sad)

I’m pretty sure that’s not it, if I look more I’ll find more blue items.

Surprisingly “blue” is not my favourite colour, turquoise is, but its hard to find turquoise stuff so I buys blue stuff instead. The colour blue also symbolises loyalty so maybe since I decided to do my room blue, the colour started controlling my brain and made me buy everything blue unconsciously and now that I realise how much everything in my life is blue, I’ll continue buying blue stuff therefore staying loyal to the colour wtf.

Anyway xD today I decided to be a healthy person and make a good break fast.

20130308-050304 PM.jpg

I made a hole in my toast put the egg in the middle, peeled and diced two mushrooms and tore beef bacon in tiny pieces. So proud of myself that i didn’t burn it, its just ever so slightly burnt which is an improvement in my cooking skills xD (used cooking oil instead of butter for less fat). Result is super yummy of course. I realised if you do without the toast its gonna leave you wanting more – the toast just fills you up.

Lately I realised how important it is to have breakfast. It makes your digestive system starts early also makes your metabolism works so it starts from the beginning of your day. I used to skip breakfast and end up eating a lot of food at night which is not good because I’m not letting my body take its time in digesting before I sleep. Also if I eat and sleep, I’d fat because I wont be doing any work to help in burning those fats. Breakfast keeps me full of energy for a long time and I don’t feel the need to snack until like dinner.

That’s it for today! ^-^ I have to carry on with my life … Unfortunately. I need to study physics and continue organising my drawers. Buh byee~



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