I Made Sick Face

Since last Monday, I got super duper sick. Just took a nap then woke up to not being able to move at all from the pain. My stomach was so much in pain I couldn’t move my left leg. Drove to the hospital and took some hardcore pain relievers until I was high xD

Till today, I’m still sick. Not in pain but whenever I eat, I get super dizzy. As a result to my dizziness, I haven’t studied till this day >.< I need to get back to studying.

My life has been boring ever since, I feel like I'm going to rot from doing nothing. Its just that every human needs energy to be able to do something, eating causes me to get sick and dizzy so I end up doing nothing. I anyway, will need to start studying tomorrow, I'll have to get back to my studying schedule. Exams will be coming up soon so I sadly have no choice. I don't thing I'm ready for exams.

So yesterday I found this app called IMadeFace and decided to make Alice and I's faces. Here is what happened

20130314-094831 PM.jpg
This is Alice, super pretty with her long hair (she looks prettier in rl)

20130314-094859 PM.jpg
So actually I don’t really look like that xD my hair is the same colour but darker with highlights and its messy and short. My eye colour is lighter. My nose isn’t cute like that too hahaha but not my fault that is the closest I could get from that app. Was a pretty fun.

That’s it for today I think, I’ll try to eat more salad and study.



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