Organised Blue Room

Finally today is the day that my room became organised. Everything is clean and shiny and most importantly in place hahaha. Though I’m not completely satisfied with how everything is, it’ll do for now. Everything now is a clean and organised blue colour. Took a whole day to get to this, I’m ashamed to say that there is still 1 drawer that I haven’t even touched and the wardrobe is a mess – I’d like to convince myself that there is Narnia somewhere in the back that is why my cloths can never be organised. Must keep Narnia safe xD

I was super tired after this took a long super long bath. Got to relax for a good time. Added some bath salts and shower gel to make it pretty. Decided to take care of my skin to because I haven’t pampered myself in a while. Used The Body Shop’s seaweed clay mask which I love! Then had to get out because soon the water turned from an awesome white colour designed with bubbles to a green and no bubbles kinda water (green from mask not from dirtiness). Did a moisture mask when I stepped out too.

Now I’m just procrastinating, instead of studying – I decided to blog >.< I should study but I don't want too. I'm like running away from it, not because "I just don't want to study", but because I'm stupid! I'm not like how my friends are all smart. I try just like how they do, its just not in my brain capacity. I have a gold fish memory, super bad at maths (which is included in 99% of the subjects) and not good at studying no matter how much I study or try. I feel disgusting and I end up running away from studying instead of trying harder. Honestly I don't think there is trying harder in my case. I'm like Penny from The Big Bang Theory. Surrounded by smart people and cannot be among the smart. I feel like I'll fail this year. Why am I not like my sister? She's smart. I don't know what to do, I'm stupid. Is there any hope for stupid people? I don't think so.

Before I got sick, I would try to study for a whole day, but still it wouldn't work. I still do bad on the exams. I don't know why, I mean I was solving good before the exam, I did pretty good like only one or two mistakes but in the exam I just didn't do what would mean "I finished this part in studying" or "I'm done with this part". I don't know if there is any kind of help I could get. I'll just go try to solve a little bit more before sleeping and stop with the depressing thoughts. Maybe I end up doing good on the exams, right?




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