How To Not Study

After the talk with Le Dad yesterday, I felt like I need to talk to someone and I wasn’t in the mood to be sad or mad. Funny how I’m not in the mood for a lot of stuff recently. For example: I’m not in the mood for studying or drawing but if I had to wait for me to get in the mood for either, I think waiting for world peace would be easier… Haha

I ended up calling Menna for like an hour about how much we need to study more, kinda like letting out our guilt of not studying by chatting about it. Isn’t that what every student does? Need to study? Well you have 3 options, which are: 1 study, 2 cry about how much you need to study and 3 call a friend who is equally in the same level as you on the idea of studying to talk about how guilty you are about not studying and wasting time in doing unimportant stuff. Yea that’s pretty much what an average student does on daily basis. Pretty interesting logic, I cant find a reason for us to do all those stuff when we could just suck it up and study xD

However, after the long talk which should have made me lock myself in studying, I ended up checking App Store for editing apps. Found this one called Repix which makes major epic pics. Here is what I did with it: (all pics are taken from google)

20130317-022405 PM.jpg

20130317-022644 PM.jpg
(Took Tsubasa’s picture from Xiaxue’s blog) Made her a Harry Potter character hahaha

20130317-022924 PM.jpg
This is taken by me.

20130317-023256 PM.jpg

20130317-023614 PM.jpg
I’m in love with this girl’s hair, I want to my hair like this someday. Although I wont look as cool as her >.<

That's what happened so far so buh byee!



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