Despression take 10000

Recently ive been in such a crappy mood.
All i need is a reason to snap and here you have it, me walking and screaming , looking like a mess. (Listening to DHT-Depressed)..

Since some things that happened to me over the last few months , they have changed me as a person and made me sort of ..confused or insane. (They are inter changeable). I got to see the people around me better. They finally showed their true selves. Also , love is hard to find and its never feels good to feel hurt.

Everyone and everything seems to be going against my will and predictions. Today i snapped. I got into a fight with my parents, over something stupid just to cry for around an hour. Then , i started to talk aloud to myself to the the point where i was creeped out. It was my inner self complaining out loud. I told myself everything I was afraid to say.


I somehow felt jealousy for the first time… I was genuinely envious of something… its not a pretty feeling. I HATED IT. I was really confused and i felt ugly afterwards. Had anybody felt this way before?..



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