Since it was decided for me to stay at Father’s, mum decided to take me out to today. 3 days in a row for me to have lunch at Peking, not bad I must say but I never thought I could get bored of the food. I like home baked food more.

After lunch we checked out some stores. I bought Mum a mug and she bought me one too, along with a little cute candle shaped like a jasmine flower and a hello kitty lamp. Super cutee! Le brother insisted on that we go to the 7D simulator – guy working there came to me and Sissy and asked us why aren’t we scared. At that point I realised nothing is scary after we watched The exorcism of Emily Rose. Just thinking of that movie gives me goosebumps.

Starbucks. Oh my god, this is another story. We decided to have drink there before we leave. The guys that work there must have the most horrible hand writing and cannot even understand what they say when they shout out the drinks name when its finished.

20130329-081252 PM.jpg
We stood there for like 20 minutes trying to figure out which drink is for which costumer plus there were a lot of people so baristas had to work super fast and got confused which drink they made for who. I was wearing freaking high heels T-T my legs were giving in. Then I found those super pretty cups in the above picture. I love the lotus flower! My favourite flower of all time, it even gave me a little bit of energy to wait even moree xD

20130329-081941 PM.jpg
(At Starbucks)

Also here is my awesomesauce nails

20130329-082532 PM.jpg
(No filters, just puri sticker)

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do a tutorial, its pretty complicated to explain, but its easy to do. I don’t have pictures of steps but I’ll try to do an explanation.


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