Exam Season

Yesterday, right before I sleep, I received a notification that our blog has gained one more follower. Good news right before sleep, but left me guilty. Since Alice and I haven’t updated in a long time. Not our fault though, its exam season.

20130427-061951 PM.jpg
Unfortunately, its going to last for a long time, April and May are full of exams. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the rest of the exams plus my school are being extra nice (note the sarcasm) and are adding 1st language and religion exams this frickin’ week!! I don’t even know what were studying to get examed. Ugh! I’m def scaredd. Wish me luckk.

I had an ICT exam yesterday, I almost blacked out in the exam. Suddenly I wasn’t able to breathe. Not sure how I did. I’m sure though if some mistakes I made like 2 mistakes. Not sure about the rest.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone likes to read my exam crap so here are some photos I took:

20130427-062919 PM.jpg
Mini oranges, so cuteeee (≧∇≦)

20130427-063132 PM.jpg
Rose necklace

20130427-063202 PM.jpg
Earrings from H&M. Didn’t buy, I just thought the crystals looks pretty.

20130427-063549 PM.jpg

20130427-063711 PM.jpg
Bought this shoes and bracelets though. Bracelet is big but its pretty so i couldn’t help but buyy.

20130427-064006 PM.jpg

20130427-064242 PM.jpg
Cupcakes are so cute unfortunately they are just cakes and I dislike cakes. I tried to bring myself to like them but I just dislike the taste. I can rarely find cakes that I like. Maybe only strawberry flavoured? Hmmm

20130427-065033 PM.jpg
Now cookies are magical! Guess which one is minee

20130427-065559 PM.jpg
This one! Its lilac not blue but on camera its blue. Still cute though

I think that’s itt! Here is a cutesy pic of the day… Er blog?

20130427-070147 PM.jpg


Imma marry a punkk! :3

Today didn’t happen the way I planned at all! I planned on to finish 2 exams of physics. I barely finished onee! I have like 3 or 2 (cant remember exactly) half solved exams. I dislike continuing to solve them. Once I’ve stopped solving due to something happening, I probably never finish itt. Like I’d just start a new one. Just how it is like with music. If you’re listening to music then had to stop it for a long time, you’ll just have to replay. Unfortunately with physics I don’t do the replay button, I just skip the whole thing.

Today I was forced to wake up early to open to the maid. Since father was the only one home, had to make sure she doesn’t come up plus she needed stuff from upstairs so whenever I was fully comfortable in bed I’d have to get up again. After a while of this I just decided to stay up. Made some insta soup in my super cute Hello Kitty mug, enjoyed it while I played candy crush on my iphone.

I saw this video about oil cleansing method and decided to try it. It was recommended to use castor oil and something else, but since I just moved; the only kind of oil laying around was olive oil. I’ve honestly tried olive oil on my skin before and loved it, this time though it broke me out. Not sure why, all I know is that I have 3 volcanoes on my face right now, some rocks to decorate it too (scars) -.-

I started solving a new physics exam after trying to make my skin to look pretty and that was around 1pm i think. In my mind Thinking I have plenty of time to finish solving two exams until its 5. Reality was that the maid kept calling me every five minutes to ask what she should do. She’s new to the house so I had to provide her with help. As if that’s not enough, my mother kept calling me to ask how/when/where is my IT lesson. In result, I have a half solved exam. Actually i think I have like 2 or 3 questions left.

In the IT lesson my friend asked the teacher if its possible for her to get accepted in a collage abroad. We kept making jokes of how she should drop out of school and stay at home until the next subject on was marriage. We were all laughing until she mentioned she wanted to marry a punk, all innocent. I was like do you know wth does “punk” mean? Apparently she thought it was just the style. Teacher was like please don’t say this again. She googled images of punk style to prove her point, I was like “while you’re at it, google what punk means, but just don’t read out loud.” Teacher: “eh, I know her, she’s probably gonna post it on fb or something” wahahha. Realised how darn awkward it was in front of a teacher, if he wasn’t there I would have probably explain what it meant. Teacher was like let Panda tell you what it means when I leave. Good times, good times :”D

Now I’ll have to excuse myself to sleep, story time is finished now. Time for bedd! Good night/ good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening ! (= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ


Sad Post.

Most depressing day ever. Everything seems to revolve around sadness , death , family , sacrifice. Tears, pain , love and a hell lot or annoying feelings all at once.

Havent cried this much in a few months…Was watching tv after my mum decided to flip my horror movie. The genre doesnt require emotion , it requires you to watch and enjoy. Out of all, my mum picked an indian movie, where a guy who has a girlfriend finds out his ex wife has cancer….. Inside i was like “Great” i hate emotional movies , so i picked up my reading book for a while…maybe to distract me while i secretly watch, but the heroines mother died…to save her. The guy’s kids in the movie keep saying to their mum and i can not stand it.

I couldnt surpress my feeling any longer after seeing so much emotional things..i start bawling my eyes out. Its hard when i see my mother next to me..i had fought and made up with her earlier. Now i regret everytime ive ever made her mad. I feel that i should appreciate more. The book and the movie had me thinking. I dont know what im feeling. Something i cant define.

Maybe i am over sensitive , but everything really got to me and i hated that , because i can usually keep my feeling contained. Due to stress i havent been mastering that…


All i can conclude is life is now or never and you should love to the fullest. Dont hold back. Give more than take and lastly enjoy yourself and love your family.
They are who will always love you.Even if you fight.


Exams are getting closer, and procrastination is a growing need inside of me !

All ive been doing is geeting myself hooked to a new anime or count the dots on my celing…Eat Nutella…Draw, sing, dance, go shopping, read a new book…You get the ugly picture -.-

Cant wait till tjose damned exams are over and i can get back to living a normal life.

On the other hand ive been shopping !



          Loving Divergent <4



Sushi yumyumz

Today or to be exact yesterday since its already 2:30am, started of super bad. Was super tired in the morning so I reslept till 1. Then had a fight with sissy. Don’t think were ever going to be as we used to be. Don’t know what got in her head. Anyway, I called father and told him that I’ll have dinner with him since I cancelled my tutoring lesson. In the meantime, I failed so badly to figure out how to sync my iphone with my new computer and failed so bad. It keeps saying that it’ll delete all music/pictures on phone and I don’t want that! My sister could help but since we aren’t talking to each other – I cant really ask for her help. Not like she would answer me.

I was left with the choice of choosing where should we dine (saying the word “dine” makes me feel *like a sir*). I’ve been wanting to eat sushi for quite a while so I chose Mori Sushi. We ordered a big plate of our favourites.

20130410-025302 AM.jpg
Togrash (sp?) rolls, cavier hoso maki, ikura, shrimp, sake and sashimi is salmon and octopus.

20130410-031744 AM.jpg
Honestly after eating I had this idea that I might have an allergy of seafood, if I eat too much, my body starts to react by not accepting of it anymore. Simply makes me feel vomity, yuckk. I don’t feel the same thing with other types of food. Only strawberry flavoured stuff. If I eat too much, I start too feel sick to my stomach >.< I wont tell anyone though, they might tell me to stop eating it.

20130410-030224 AM.jpg
Peach iced tea for drink. Father thought it was beer xD because of the way its served. He was like is that the iced tea? In a very amused/surprised tone LOL.

20130410-031044 AM.jpg
For dessert was Ice cream, I ordered strawbie cheese cake and dad tries out the macadamia one. Both were good but mine was better haha (^.~)

After dinner we went to a computer store to ask them to download Microsoft office, photoshop cs6 and an antivirus. Took quite the time, but was worth it. Also bought a peanut mouse xD I’d upload a picture buy internet super slow I don’t think it can handle more so maybe next blog I’ll upload the pic of my funny mouse and my new lap top.

I want to learn more on ps hence why I downloaded cs6. I know the basics and I’m pretty good at it, but I wont to have more control over my pictures. I can just do basic editing of portraits, all self taught. Tried a bit of air brushing and I wont say I succeeded but I got my self somewhere at least. I want to learn a lot of stuff. Maybe during the summer along with Japanese, hopefully *fingers crossed*.

That’s it for today, I need to sleep!
Good night/Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening!


How To Not cook onsen tamago

I’ve seen an onsen tamago pic and decided to google on how to do it. Heres how to not cook itt

You’ll need:
Eggs (ass much as you want)
Toast (optional)

Directions: I got my directions from several videos so I cant really state which one exactly, but I found that channel called runnyrunny999 which was pretty fun and helpful.

1. Fill in your pot with water and then boil it. To speed up my process, I boiled water in my kettle then reboiled it in the pot.
2. After its done boiling, remove from stove and then add your eggs in the now boiling water. Make sure you turn off the stove before you put in your eggs, you’re not doing hard boiled eggs
3. Cover it with a lid for around 10 minutes. I forgot mine for around 20 minutes T.T
4. Crack it open in a plate and that’s it! You’re done

20130404-010238 AM.jpg
I added toast and some salt on itt.

Will I do this again?
It will be a rare moment when I repeat it. I felt like it was missing something but I don’t know what it is.

Tip: in the video, the guy said add a tsp of corn starch. I didn’t have it so I ignored this step. While breaking the first egg, it wasn’t cooked xD some egg yolk was still raw so I guess this step is important but then again the second egg was good. I just spilled the egg yolk. Haha.

So that’s it! Hope you find this helpful!
Buh-byeee! (o-^^-o)


Sun Raped

My nose got sun burnt last Saturday from standing in the sun for such a long time, from 9 to 3:30 >.< even though I had on sunscreen but didn't do much. I did stay a long time though so I forgive my sunscreen for not being able to protect me.

Since looking like Rudolf isn't the new trend, I wanted to get it healed asap. I went out shopping with le Dad and bought aloe vera.

20130401-102113 AM.jpg
It helped a lott! 20% got healed from first time use. Now I just have a lightly tinted red nose which makes me look like a blushing. I personally thing its cute like this or at least that’s what I like to make myself believe LOL.

I also used Body Shop’s ionising seaweed clay mask to help. I think it helped on my blemishes pretty good, but I didn’t notice much healing on my clown nose.

20130401-102907 AM.jpg
For today, I should have 2 lessons. Need to go study T_T I’ll play with le kitty first then go study. Buh byee!