Sun Raped

My nose got sun burnt last Saturday from standing in the sun for such a long time, from 9 to 3:30 >.< even though I had on sunscreen but didn't do much. I did stay a long time though so I forgive my sunscreen for not being able to protect me.

Since looking like Rudolf isn't the new trend, I wanted to get it healed asap. I went out shopping with le Dad and bought aloe vera.

20130401-102113 AM.jpg
It helped a lott! 20% got healed from first time use. Now I just have a lightly tinted red nose which makes me look like a blushing. I personally thing its cute like this or at least that’s what I like to make myself believe LOL.

I also used Body Shop’s ionising seaweed clay mask to help. I think it helped on my blemishes pretty good, but I didn’t notice much healing on my clown nose.

20130401-102907 AM.jpg
For today, I should have 2 lessons. Need to go study T_T I’ll play with le kitty first then go study. Buh byee!



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