How To Not cook onsen tamago

I’ve seen an onsen tamago pic and decided to google on how to do it. Heres how to not cook itt

You’ll need:
Eggs (ass much as you want)
Toast (optional)

Directions: I got my directions from several videos so I cant really state which one exactly, but I found that channel called runnyrunny999 which was pretty fun and helpful.

1. Fill in your pot with water and then boil it. To speed up my process, I boiled water in my kettle then reboiled it in the pot.
2. After its done boiling, remove from stove and then add your eggs in the now boiling water. Make sure you turn off the stove before you put in your eggs, you’re not doing hard boiled eggs
3. Cover it with a lid for around 10 minutes. I forgot mine for around 20 minutes T.T
4. Crack it open in a plate and that’s it! You’re done

20130404-010238 AM.jpg
I added toast and some salt on itt.

Will I do this again?
It will be a rare moment when I repeat it. I felt like it was missing something but I don’t know what it is.

Tip: in the video, the guy said add a tsp of corn starch. I didn’t have it so I ignored this step. While breaking the first egg, it wasn’t cooked xD some egg yolk was still raw so I guess this step is important but then again the second egg was good. I just spilled the egg yolk. Haha.

So that’s it! Hope you find this helpful!
Buh-byeee! (o-^^-o)



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