Sushi yumyumz

Today or to be exact yesterday since its already 2:30am, started of super bad. Was super tired in the morning so I reslept till 1. Then had a fight with sissy. Don’t think were ever going to be as we used to be. Don’t know what got in her head. Anyway, I called father and told him that I’ll have dinner with him since I cancelled my tutoring lesson. In the meantime, I failed so badly to figure out how to sync my iphone with my new computer and failed so bad. It keeps saying that it’ll delete all music/pictures on phone and I don’t want that! My sister could help but since we aren’t talking to each other – I cant really ask for her help. Not like she would answer me.

I was left with the choice of choosing where should we dine (saying the word “dine” makes me feel *like a sir*). I’ve been wanting to eat sushi for quite a while so I chose Mori Sushi. We ordered a big plate of our favourites.

20130410-025302 AM.jpg
Togrash (sp?) rolls, cavier hoso maki, ikura, shrimp, sake and sashimi is salmon and octopus.

20130410-031744 AM.jpg
Honestly after eating I had this idea that I might have an allergy of seafood, if I eat too much, my body starts to react by not accepting of it anymore. Simply makes me feel vomity, yuckk. I don’t feel the same thing with other types of food. Only strawberry flavoured stuff. If I eat too much, I start too feel sick to my stomach >.< I wont tell anyone though, they might tell me to stop eating it.

20130410-030224 AM.jpg
Peach iced tea for drink. Father thought it was beer xD because of the way its served. He was like is that the iced tea? In a very amused/surprised tone LOL.

20130410-031044 AM.jpg
For dessert was Ice cream, I ordered strawbie cheese cake and dad tries out the macadamia one. Both were good but mine was better haha (^.~)

After dinner we went to a computer store to ask them to download Microsoft office, photoshop cs6 and an antivirus. Took quite the time, but was worth it. Also bought a peanut mouse xD I’d upload a picture buy internet super slow I don’t think it can handle more so maybe next blog I’ll upload the pic of my funny mouse and my new lap top.

I want to learn more on ps hence why I downloaded cs6. I know the basics and I’m pretty good at it, but I wont to have more control over my pictures. I can just do basic editing of portraits, all self taught. Tried a bit of air brushing and I wont say I succeeded but I got my self somewhere at least. I want to learn a lot of stuff. Maybe during the summer along with Japanese, hopefully *fingers crossed*.

That’s it for today, I need to sleep!
Good night/Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening!



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