Imma marry a punkk! :3

Today didn’t happen the way I planned at all! I planned on to finish 2 exams of physics. I barely finished onee! I have like 3 or 2 (cant remember exactly) half solved exams. I dislike continuing to solve them. Once I’ve stopped solving due to something happening, I probably never finish itt. Like I’d just start a new one. Just how it is like with music. If you’re listening to music then had to stop it for a long time, you’ll just have to replay. Unfortunately with physics I don’t do the replay button, I just skip the whole thing.

Today I was forced to wake up early to open to the maid. Since father was the only one home, had to make sure she doesn’t come up plus she needed stuff from upstairs so whenever I was fully comfortable in bed I’d have to get up again. After a while of this I just decided to stay up. Made some insta soup in my super cute Hello Kitty mug, enjoyed it while I played candy crush on my iphone.

I saw this video about oil cleansing method and decided to try it. It was recommended to use castor oil and something else, but since I just moved; the only kind of oil laying around was olive oil. I’ve honestly tried olive oil on my skin before and loved it, this time though it broke me out. Not sure why, all I know is that I have 3 volcanoes on my face right now, some rocks to decorate it too (scars) -.-

I started solving a new physics exam after trying to make my skin to look pretty and that was around 1pm i think. In my mind Thinking I have plenty of time to finish solving two exams until its 5. Reality was that the maid kept calling me every five minutes to ask what she should do. She’s new to the house so I had to provide her with help. As if that’s not enough, my mother kept calling me to ask how/when/where is my IT lesson. In result, I have a half solved exam. Actually i think I have like 2 or 3 questions left.

In the IT lesson my friend asked the teacher if its possible for her to get accepted in a collage abroad. We kept making jokes of how she should drop out of school and stay at home until the next subject on was marriage. We were all laughing until she mentioned she wanted to marry a punk, all innocent. I was like do you know wth does “punk” mean? Apparently she thought it was just the style. Teacher was like please don’t say this again. She googled images of punk style to prove her point, I was like “while you’re at it, google what punk means, but just don’t read out loud.” Teacher: “eh, I know her, she’s probably gonna post it on fb or something” wahahha. Realised how darn awkward it was in front of a teacher, if he wasn’t there I would have probably explain what it meant. Teacher was like let Panda tell you what it means when I leave. Good times, good times :”D

Now I’ll have to excuse myself to sleep, story time is finished now. Time for bedd! Good night/ good morning/ good afternoon/ good evening ! (= ̄ ρ ̄=) ..zzZZ



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