Exam Season

Yesterday, right before I sleep, I received a notification that our blog has gained one more follower. Good news right before sleep, but left me guilty. Since Alice and I haven’t updated in a long time. Not our fault though, its exam season.

20130427-061951 PM.jpg
Unfortunately, its going to last for a long time, April and May are full of exams. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the rest of the exams plus my school are being extra nice (note the sarcasm) and are adding 1st language and religion exams this frickin’ week!! I don’t even know what were studying to get examed. Ugh! I’m def scaredd. Wish me luckk.

I had an ICT exam yesterday, I almost blacked out in the exam. Suddenly I wasn’t able to breathe. Not sure how I did. I’m sure though if some mistakes I made like 2 mistakes. Not sure about the rest.

Anyway, I don’t think anyone likes to read my exam crap so here are some photos I took:

20130427-062919 PM.jpg
Mini oranges, so cuteeee (≧∇≦)

20130427-063132 PM.jpg
Rose necklace

20130427-063202 PM.jpg
Earrings from H&M. Didn’t buy, I just thought the crystals looks pretty.

20130427-063549 PM.jpg

20130427-063711 PM.jpg
Bought this shoes and bracelets though. Bracelet is big but its pretty so i couldn’t help but buyy.

20130427-064006 PM.jpg

20130427-064242 PM.jpg
Cupcakes are so cute unfortunately they are just cakes and I dislike cakes. I tried to bring myself to like them but I just dislike the taste. I can rarely find cakes that I like. Maybe only strawberry flavoured? Hmmm

20130427-065033 PM.jpg
Now cookies are magical! Guess which one is minee

20130427-065559 PM.jpg
This one! Its lilac not blue but on camera its blue. Still cute though

I think that’s itt! Here is a cutesy pic of the day… Er blog?

20130427-070147 PM.jpg


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