How To Not Make Melon Smoothie

The weather was awful today, hot air almost felt like an oven T_T so I decided to make something refreshing. A melon smoothie, I already had melon and I kinda wanted to put the coconut milk into use, hahaha. I tried to google some recipes, but in the end I used one I created.

Here is how it went:

2 cups of melon

Sugar depends on how much you want, I added around 4

1/3 of coconut milk, depends on how much you like coconut milk

So since my family doesn’t really like coconut milk I added normal diary milk to xD 

1 cup ice

2tsp of honey

mix everything in the blender and that’s it. Now the trick is to try and imagine you’re on the beach



Its been a while

Its been a while, sorry >.< my excuse? exams and nothing is really happening to share. Good news though, I have one exam left. Cookie still has a lot left so she wont be blogging soon I guess.

Here is what happened today. I was suppose to go out with my friend today at around five but mum said I cant and now I think he is mad, not sure what was I suppose to do though. Not like I can drive there or something. Since I didn’t have enough sleep at night, I took a nap and woke up around 1. I haven’t drank green tea in quiet a while so I decided I’d do so today and I think I over did it, I have to use the bathroom like crazy now! Wahahaha. Drink or eat anything then suddenly running to the bathroom. Also I figured out a way to make your green tea taste better! Add a tsp of rose water to it. Makes it smell nicer and taste is good too, I get bored of green tea when I drink it a lot so I like to figure out new ways to spice it up. At around 7 I think, I kinda begged my famfam that we should go out and only got my Mother to agree… Fail. Wahaha actually I don’t mind, Sissy is getting on my nerves these days.

We sat at I Love Cafe which is by Fashiontv. Just opened up so they didn’t have their menus printed out yet but the interior was AH-MAZING.




Super nice, right? Diamonds everywhere. I mean how awesome would it be if Diamond by Rihanna was playing when I entered wahaha. Rihanna was on but another song which I can’t remember now.




Food and drinks weren’t bad there, maybe their drinks gets better when they are more prepared? Like print menus and everything goes into place.



The staff were pretty cool, talked with us for a bit and treated us nicely ^_^

We then went to have look at shops, totally regret it!


Cute, right? Made a  good impression on what I’d be seeing for older ages. Saw this awesome blazer and was for 10,000+LE T_T my goodness, people are dying of hunger and they’re selling stuff with these prices? I mean why? I guess when I saw that it’s empty, I should’ve guessed the reason right away, huh?

Later I went and bought mum a mug and Alice’s Birthday gift no. 2


Mum’s mug. Skating mug* wahahahaha, its so cuteeee! Unfortunately, I cannot share Alice’s gift now since we share this blog and she’ll see what it is, suppose to be a surprise, but its pretty guessable what it is now. hehehehe

I gtg now >_< I promise I’ll post again soon!  Probably tutorial too since I bought coconut milk and dunno how the hell will I use it o.O” hahahaha. Also if I get the chance to go to the arts and crafts store tomorrow, there will be a lot of fun tutorials coming upp!


Pandas Wear Lenses

First of all, WOW. I never thought I was capable of helping anyone. I’m not sure if I succeeded, but I tried. The guy is blinded by hate and how disgusting some people are. I was the same last year or the year before I don’t even remember. I also don’t want too. Why would I want to remember the time where I thought life was worthless.

Back to the guy. I thought I was helping him, but it wasn’t just that, I was helping myself too. There is this video Bubzbeauty did – I think its called “what I would tell my teenage self” – where she says that we wont be able to love our selves unless we love other people. Its actually pretty true, after I watched it I couldn’t help but think, why do I hate myself. The list kept going non stop. Then I thought maybe because I don’t love other people they way I should. I went through a stage of which I would call “observation stage” where I would look at random people around think “they too have crap happening in their lives, maybe its even more than what I’ve been through”. Note that this was AFTER my “depression stage” which is the time I hated everything, but they came after each other, no gaps in between. The observation stage helped me understand that I wasn’t the only that had crap going in her life. I have to respect other people and not feel like they live in Neverland and I’m here on Earth where there isn’t happily ever after. It opened my mind and cleaned a bit of the thick layer of dirt covering the lenses I’m using to look at life.

“Thankful stage” came shortly afterwards. I starting seeing the littlest things in life and thanking the heavens for each single one of ’em. I think this is a very important stage that should happen to everyone. It made me alerted to every good thing happening in my life. I started thinking if how at some day I didn’t notice this. Every bad thing that happened to me would be reverted in my brain (of course after crying) and would be thought of it as good. Like if I fought with my friend for example, after a while of being sad I’d become thankful. Maybe if we continued in our friendship something bad would’ve happened or she would be a bad influence on me. I found million reasons to be thankful. However, I still disliked people. I still didn’t hate them like before, but I disliked them. I disliked people who haven’t been or aren’t in the observation or thankful stage.

This guy whom I think I might have helped haven’t been to either stages. His lenses is fully dirty. His brain is totally polluted. Also at first he was refusing to clean his lenses but he opened up a bit. He hates people but he doesn’t know it. He thinks his lenses are clean. I’m not sure if his of mines are dirtier, or who has higher self esteem – self esteem, this is something important. Whenever we talked about anything he’d think its very important to explain himself so no one would mistake him for someone he’s not or to be understood. I felt like I didn’t need to explain myself because who cares?

At the same time I was talking to him, I was chatting with Alice too. I was talking about how I might become a psychiatrist and he becomes my patient but because my grades are low I cant take this professionally so I shall take him as my first ever patient and help him see the world that haven’t seen yet. LOL. I need have a name for my first patient like “project gorilla” or something… Maybe I should think of something cooler so if he ever finds this blog he wont be offended that I called him gorilla. Hmmm what about “project zombie” I think I like it. He’ll become my zombie. Its settled, that’s his namee.

About Bubzbeauty’s words, “in order to love yourself, you must first love other people”. I personally don’t think I achieved it yet, but I’ll def be trying to so I can become a better person and make people around me proud. I think I’m like 30-45% done? I cant be sure now since I just had that talk so everything seems cheery and bright after trying to help someone. I really hope I helped him.

I shall go sleep now its already 4:30am! I staid up late even though I was dying to sleep just for project zombie. Hard work ftw. Goodnight! (>.~)

Project Zombie: he said he needed time alone. He seems to be getting quite and understandment of what I taught him today. Note to self: bring him treats next time.


Brownie in a Mug

Hello there! Alice and I haven’t been able to blog for a long time, forgive us! Exams are the problem >.< I'll finish my exams earlier than Alice so I'll blog more plus I think I have more free time than her. Anyway – more about that later.

I have came back with an awesome blog-torial! Super fast way to make yummy brownies! I must say though that I'm not so smart to actually come up with the recipe, I'm so bad at cooking so I just try to find any good fast+easy recipes on the internet. I found this recipe on Pinterest, but I have no idea who the real other of this recipe, but anyway here's my version. Ready? ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

1. 2tbs sugar
2. 2tbs flour
3. Pinch of salt
4. 2tbs cocoa
5. 2tbs olive oil
6. 2tbs water (I used bottled water)

So yea… Basically 2tbs of everything. LOL.

20130511-074921 PM.jpg
So just add everything in a mug, from dry to wet ingredients to make it easy to stir. Stir all ingredients together until it reaches a liquid-y consistency as shown in the picture! Microwave for 1:40 and that’s it!

20130511-075753 PM.jpg
Add some ice cream if you want but make sure you let the brownie cool first! Its going to be HOT! I sprinkled some cocoa on the ice cream for some kicks and giggles and its good to serve.

Super fun to make, I actually love making it more than eating it. Not really into cakes and stuff xD

Hope you enjoy it! Buh byee!


Feather Nail Art

I bought this bling bracelet from H&M and shared it in my last blog. I wanted to recreate the colours on my nails.

20130502-125903 PM.jpg
It was kinda hard for me to recreate it on my nails since I didn’t want to just use blings on my nails. I just wanted the colour. I also had a little amount of time to think of an idea to draw on my nails since I had an exam the day after. Heres what I came up with:

Colours you’ll need:
Dark blue

Start of with painting your nails with the blue polish.
Dip a nail art brush (I bought mine from an arts and crafts store; size 00) in a purple polish and feather some lines upwards, make sure you don’t cover the whole nail.

20130502-010955 PM.jpg
Then do the same with the green. Just make sure you don’t hide the purple.

20130502-013128 PM.jpg
I did the opposite on my ring finger.
Add few randomly placed orange dots in your nails and that’s it!

20130502-031534 PM.jpg

20130502-031649 PM.jpg
Don’t forget to add a top coat!

Tip: coat your brush with vaseline to protect it from the nail polish.

I hope you liked it! I’ll try to come up with a nail art tutorial each month, but I cant promise anything thoughh.