Feather Nail Art

I bought this bling bracelet from H&M and shared it in my last blog. I wanted to recreate the colours on my nails.

20130502-125903 PM.jpg
It was kinda hard for me to recreate it on my nails since I didn’t want to just use blings on my nails. I just wanted the colour. I also had a little amount of time to think of an idea to draw on my nails since I had an exam the day after. Heres what I came up with:

Colours you’ll need:
Dark blue

Start of with painting your nails with the blue polish.
Dip a nail art brush (I bought mine from an arts and crafts store; size 00) in a purple polish and feather some lines upwards, make sure you don’t cover the whole nail.

20130502-010955 PM.jpg
Then do the same with the green. Just make sure you don’t hide the purple.

20130502-013128 PM.jpg
I did the opposite on my ring finger.
Add few randomly placed orange dots in your nails and that’s it!

20130502-031534 PM.jpg

20130502-031649 PM.jpg
Don’t forget to add a top coat!

Tip: coat your brush with vaseline to protect it from the nail polish.

I hope you liked it! I’ll try to come up with a nail art tutorial each month, but I cant promise anything thoughh.



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