Its been a while

Its been a while, sorry >.< my excuse? exams and nothing is really happening to share. Good news though, I have one exam left. Cookie still has a lot left so she wont be blogging soon I guess.

Here is what happened today. I was suppose to go out with my friend today at around five but mum said I cant and now I think he is mad, not sure what was I suppose to do though. Not like I can drive there or something. Since I didn’t have enough sleep at night, I took a nap and woke up around 1. I haven’t drank green tea in quiet a while so I decided I’d do so today and I think I over did it, I have to use the bathroom like crazy now! Wahahaha. Drink or eat anything then suddenly running to the bathroom. Also I figured out a way to make your green tea taste better! Add a tsp of rose water to it. Makes it smell nicer and taste is good too, I get bored of green tea when I drink it a lot so I like to figure out new ways to spice it up. At around 7 I think, I kinda begged my famfam that we should go out and only got my Mother to agree… Fail. Wahaha actually I don’t mind, Sissy is getting on my nerves these days.

We sat at I Love Cafe which is by Fashiontv. Just opened up so they didn’t have their menus printed out yet but the interior was AH-MAZING.




Super nice, right? Diamonds everywhere. I mean how awesome would it be if Diamond by Rihanna was playing when I entered wahaha. Rihanna was on but another song which I can’t remember now.




Food and drinks weren’t bad there, maybe their drinks gets better when they are more prepared? Like print menus and everything goes into place.



The staff were pretty cool, talked with us for a bit and treated us nicely ^_^

We then went to have look at shops, totally regret it!


Cute, right? Made a  good impression on what I’d be seeing for older ages. Saw this awesome blazer and was for 10,000+LE T_T my goodness, people are dying of hunger and they’re selling stuff with these prices? I mean why? I guess when I saw that it’s empty, I should’ve guessed the reason right away, huh?

Later I went and bought mum a mug and Alice’s Birthday gift no. 2


Mum’s mug. Skating mug* wahahahaha, its so cuteeee! Unfortunately, I cannot share Alice’s gift now since we share this blog and she’ll see what it is, suppose to be a surprise, but its pretty guessable what it is now. hehehehe

I gtg now >_< I promise I’ll post again soon!  Probably tutorial too since I bought coconut milk and dunno how the hell will I use it o.O” hahahaha. Also if I get the chance to go to the arts and crafts store tomorrow, there will be a lot of fun tutorials coming upp!



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