Alice Friend

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to take a moment of your life of why Alice is the best owner of a panda like me. She sent me this picture:

20130626-012355 AM.jpg
Before I even type of how awesome this would be if it really happened, she types this:

20130626-012601 AM.jpg
Totally didn’t expect this! I feel very happy when she said this since I’ve been feeling a bit down lately for some unknown reason, maybe its because my friend traveled and might stay there forever and we haven’t been able to to talk since the day she traveled. Anyway, I think scientists should creat other mini versions of Alice and give them away for people who need a sweet person doll by their side. The reason that they would create mini versions, is that I wont allow them to copy Alice 100% so I’d have the superior version and make everyone jealous.

Alice and I have been working on a new banner and background for the blog, I hope you guys would like it ^-^ actually I think Alice is reading books instead of working on a new theme for the blog, but I don’t mind 😛

P.S: Alice and I are best friends (we both are owners of this blog, dont get confused), no lesbo-rumors here, were straight as a rainbow ruler!



Hello everyone!
I haven’t blogged in a while, because i haven’t had anything interesting to share or new news. Unfortunately today I don’t have a cheery blog, I’m feeling down and so will this blog be.

I’m not sure whats happening in dad’s brain lately, but I’m definitely sure its not a good thing. He’s trying to destroy me? Not sure why, but whatever I love doing, he stops me from doing it. No matter what it is, its forbidden. I wanted to learn Japanese and every time he’d refuse to talk about it saying I wont use it in my life even though he is the one who suggested I learn it. Recently I’ve been able to talk to him about it, finally but he gave an excuse of why I cant start now and its understandable. Now, we were going out for tennis and I thought I’d take my rubiks cube to practice a bit during the car ride, he suddenly shouts at me for insisting on bringing it. Just a frickin cube, wouldn’t hurt to bring it a long to kill some time.

I talked to him about it and he just kept laughing. He’s like, just a 2 minutes ride, why bring it, wont hurt if you don’t bring it with you. I argued back saying it wont hurt him either if a take it with me. Then he changed the subject of how silly I’m acting.

I really hope he stops this soon, its getting unbearable.

Sorry for my emo ramble, just had to get this out and Alice’s phone isn’t receiving.

Misplaced ?


Have you ever felt that you don’t belong?
Or that you have been put in the wrong time and with wrong people? Well you are not the only one !

This is kind of a problem with our generation. Society has now set new ideals for what everyone is expected to be. Sometimes these images ate just too hard to achive, so we feel out of our skin.

It is now harder to be accepted by other if you don’t follow thier “rules”. Everyone has adoped the idea of “do this or i won’t like you” because it is more difficult to withstand others’ differences. This has also helped with the rise of bullying , the “outcasts” had to do something of their own to get back at the individuals that rejected them.

Not only that the requirements to fit in are mental , but also physical. Everyone is starting to love “skinny” and start to loathe their own body. The media has pushed this idea with airbrushing/ photoshop. Girls especially have started loosing confidence in themselves. Guys also have the impression that they need packs and abs and muscles. Thats not always true. In the past men were identified by class and gentleness. Girls were curvy and beautiful.

This idea of “YOLO and SWAG” has pushed people to do such weird things ! Its now an excuse to be a bitch / slut / player. Ugh. It is not acceptable for children to grow up seeing this as normal.

As for emotional troubles, more and more people ate starting to loose important parts of themselves. Confidence, loving others , sympathy , respect. Its a demand now to change so others can “like you”.

Sometimes , we wonder what we would be like if we were in another time ? What would be the right era and with what people around us? Hmmm , i guess we will never know.

But message is : Always be yourself and you will find others like you.

Trust me , when you feel like you loat hope, you will find a person waiting to meet you and be a partner/friend. And you will be just right for each other.



Hello everyone!

I think because of how much I state Le Mother on my blog, everyone reading thinks I’m either childish or younger than my age (I’m 16). This post will probably support the idea too, but its not true. I’m probably the most distanced from my family and not because I hate them, its just how I am. Anyway, Le Mum bought me this Hello Kitty ring when she went out few weeks ago. She knows I really like Hello Kitty. Actually everyone does, no? Okay .-.


Super cute, eh? The moment she gave this ring it became special to me. I NEVER EVER take it off.

A week later, she told me that shes traveling for a few days. On the last day when she was suppose to come back (she was starting her trip back home at early). That day I woke up to hearing her voice call for us, it sounded raspy and sick that it caused me to jump up and look for her in the house, I thought she fell or something. After I started to register whats happening, I realised that it couldn’t be her since I’m living with Le Dad how would she come here? “It must be the maid” I thought then proceeded to search for her, but when I couldn’t find her I went and looked at my phone to check the time, it was to early for her to arrive and I don’t have any memory of letting her in. I was alone in the house, but I’m sure I heard the voice, not just in my dreams…

I laid in my bed trying to remember the dream, here is what I remember:

My sister and I have separate rooms, each one of us were laying on our beds and it felt like we were pulled into sleep, like drugged or something. Our rooms’ doors were closed and we suddenly heard a “BAM!” but didn’t think much of it. After a short time we heard Le Mum’s voice call for us in a throaty voice, Sounded super sick and tired. It took me a lot of energy to break free from the dream and get up to look for her until I realised she couldn’t be here.

IMG_5512ps_副本I called her after what happened, around 8 in the morning . She suspected there was something and kept asking whats wrong, but I was too sleepy to tell her all of what happened. When she came back, she told us that something happened and she wasn’t feeling well.

As if the dream wasn’t enough, after I finished the call with mum and decided I should go back to sleep (I don’t wake up early), I heard foot steps. I tried to focus on it, but it stopped, I tried to once again to go back to sleep, but the foot steps would start again. This kept going on for two more times until I thought it might be my sleepy brain playing tricks on me so I decided to get to sleep and ignore it, though the sound of steps came back and it was getting near to me until I decided to forget about sleeping and staid up.

I think because I felt super thankful because the ring she bought me and wanted to give her something in return, I felt the moment when she needed me the most. The foot steps I heard after? I’m not sure how to comment on that, but if that is a friendly ghost who stole my mums voice and used it to wake me up to sense that she isn’t feeling well, then thank you very much, but please don’t make it a habit of visiting me except when its urgent, I’m still frightened of your being >.>




I wrote this post last thursday but I wasn’t able to upload because of internet so here goes…

Hello everyone!
Today I had a surprise party to attend. 3 birthdays were last month but due to the exams we couldn’t celebrate anything. So we decided to celebrate their birthdays today at an italian restaurant called Rossopomodoro – too many “o”s in there xD.
20130613-115756 PM.jpg
Took me a while to get used to the weird spelling.

The interior design was meh. Its like they tried so hard but failed to achieve a certain look.
20130614-120416 AM.jpg
In this pic you can see a very artistic wall which really isn’t artistic at all, just my filter makes it look so. It was pretty bad in real life, photos were low quality and made no sense except only a photo that contained fresh tomatoes which I guess were suppose to be the tomatoes they used on the pizza. Any way the pizza wasn’t good at all, neither looked good. I think the place and the staff were the only good thing in the whole restaurant.

Once. I entered the place, first person I see is my ex-bestie. I got pretty mad actually that she came without telling me. She does this a lot, go out and decides to not call me. Like I’d suck the fun out of the gathering. She kept repeating that she knew I was coming and wanted to surprise me but I knew it wasn’t true. At the end of the day she said that she didn’t know I was coming and felt pretty guilty sad about it.

20130615-042732 PM.jpg
The heart shaped box was my present to one of the girls which contained a necklace and a set of candles. We sang happy birthday in english and arabic 3 times until I got bored and wouldn’t song in some of the parts. Then everyone ate cake except me because i dislike cake. Also I drank some pepsi and broke the rule of me trying to stop drinking sodas. Some people ordered food and left without paying which left us a bill of 1000+LE. I got mad at what they did because I didn’t order anything and had to pay, a lot of the people left at the end didn’t order anything and had to pay too. I don’t mind that I helped but seriously so low of them to order food and not pay. We sat for like 1 hour trying to collect enough money.

After we paid we decided we should go drink something at Starbucks, but there wasn’t enough place for the 12 of us to sit so we staid somewhere near it which wasn’t a cafe, just somewhere near the fountain where we were told that we cant stand there. I don’t think I ever went out with my friends and haven’t been told that we cant stand in a certain place. Anyway, my friend and I went and asked at I Love Cafe about their minimum charge since I cant really remember it and it turns out that there wasn’t any so we staid there.

20130615-044844 PM.jpg
I still cant get over how pretty everything there is. Anyway, we sat in a very tight circle. There was this semicircle couch where where 3 boys sat and I and the other girls got chairs and continued the circle till the point that we couldnt move a chair back of how tight it was. Later i had to share a chair with a girl because another boy came and had to sit in my place because there wasn’t any other place.

20130615-051953 PM.jpg
Our drinks went in patterns. Either mocha frappe or oreos and cream shake. A guy suggested that we take oreos and cream and another one suggested mocha frappe so everyone pretty much got the same thing. We chatted about dreams and stuff until it was 10:30 when I had to leave.

I guess that’s it for now, I’ll just take more pics for a later blog post, buh byee~


The pursuit of Happiness

So , today i got invited to my friend’s sister’s birthday party ! I usually wouldnt go beacuse i don’t know anybody ! Well this time i changed my mind and thought maybe i would enjoy it , note that i only know my friends sister very vaugley but ive bought her a present before , with out even meeting her ! (Shes A directioner and there was a really cute bracelet that had 1D on it)

Anyways , so i arrived at the party and my friend came out to get me. I also met her really funny friend , whom i really liked. I said happy bday to her sister and gave her a tiara and her bday present. Then it was me and my awkward social skills …alone. I sat down next to my friend who was now chatting away to others. Across was a girl who smiled at me and we made a few jokes and smiled. I did not even know her name. Then i met a guy who just had another aproach ! He took my phone and started looking though it x3 looking for Subway Surfers xD (he finally found it in a folder named “Crap”) although he was really nice ! He reminded me of a guy from school.

Then there was the wild party girl , her name was Hager. She was the loud and crazy one ! She was fun to be around but a too loud. Shes also tall so i looked short T.T

Then at the time after cake, two other girls arrived. A short girl and her friend. Everybody suddenly started to urge her to sing . Even the birthday girl !  She sang and all the shop went silent , she was realllyy good ! The waiters kept shouting “More , more!” She even sang my Evanescence request ! (Everybodys fool).

We even got to ride a train that goes around the floor at the mall ! It was hilarious! We waved at random strangers and sang -If you’re happy and you know-

At the end of the day i thought to myself everybody finds happiness in a way ! Even if you do not know anyone or they don’t know you , you will always find a way to cheer people up or vice versa. Some sing , some joke around, some smile , some are sarcastic. But in the end everyone was looking for the same thing. Happiness. No matter which way they chose , they managed to get themselves and the people around them to even smile and feel welcomed.

I still don’t know their names and who they are or what they do, but one thing we had in common . We were all happy!

So , if you are ever feeling down , even a stranger can make you feel better than a friend ! Always keep in mind that theres always someone out there who can cheer you up and make you feel welcome again.

Just thought id share this with you guys,
Have a happy weekend and enjoy yourselves !



How to exfoliate lips

Hello everyone!
Today’s tutorial is on exfoliating your lips👄

Stuff you need:
1. Lip balm
2. Vaseline
3. Tooth brush

Start of by applying lip balm to your lips.

20130613-040302 PM.jpg
Yea you can see all my dead skin. I’m using the body shop’s chocomania lip butter. Add a generous amount of vaseline on the tooth brush and start softly scrubbing.

20130613-042331 PM.jpg
(I’m smiling in the after pictures because usually people would have a hurt expression in the “before” and a smile in the “after” picture which indicates good results and the person is happy. Wtf)
The reason why I added lip balm to my lips even though I’ve added vaseline to the tooth brush is that my lips are very sensitive and I end up scratching my lips and it doesn’t look good at all so yea this is how it works for mee!

I think I’ll be blogging again tonight since I have a surprise birthday party to attend ^_^ so I’ll see you guys later! Buh byee!