Summer is (almost) Here !

>.< So sorry i have not been updating lately. The darn exams have kept me away ¤.¤ ! Anyways , summer is almost here and im super excited for the many things i want to do – Wohoooooo!!!!! (And theres also a power outage right now )


Heres a pic of my ice cream ! Vanilla with strawberry sauce mwuahahhahahah !

Back to business , im planning on so many summer projects. Including baking (get ready for how to not tutorials) , making my own galaxy shoes , lots of DIYs , drawing and possibly cosplay :3 !

Ive been addicted to shopping at HnM and Bershka! Ive been stocking up summer outfits and looking for a new swimsuit to hit the pool ;D

Ive been feeling excited now that summer is only a week away ! The weather is already blazing hot x.x Im sweating even through the lightest clothes. Anyways 😀 hopefully this is a good start to a great Summer of 2013 ~


(Hahaha i really like the awesomeness line ! Remember , you are awesome too :D)



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