Project Zombie Closure

I blogged before about a person whom I named “Project Zombie” here. I failed. Actually I wouldn’t say I failed, I just didn’t want him as my zombie anymore. Project Zombie was suppose to turn him into someone nice and caring. It didn’t work at all.

How it started? Well his bestie needed him and he just decide to ignore him (project zombie doesn’t live in the same country as us so all he could do was call him on skype) because he wasn’t in the “mood” for arguments so he just said I don’t want to talk because I know we’ll argue and I don’t want that so instead I’m avoiding you (he said that on a whatsapp group so I’m sure on what really happened not what someone told me). Fight continued on us telling him he should answer his calls and its so rude of him to just ignore him like this and that he is acting selfishly. Suddenly he got angry and instead of the problem being on him ignoring his friend it became how all we are wrong and were pushing him to do something he shouldn’t and that he has a lot of stuff going on with his family so in conclusion we are the bad guys (Alice and I were trying to talk him into answering his bestie’s calls) because we were putting a lot of pressure on him instead of taking it off of him as how friends should do, now he didn’t really say that but the way he acted clearly meant that. Somehow he thinks that he helped everyone and no one actually does help him – we did stay up with him till four in the morning one day, but I guess this means nothing for him also I remember one time he broke down and Alice and I talked to him and tried to reassure that he is stronger that what he thinks. Isn’t that what friends do? He cant see this though. I don’t think he actually helped us as much as we did but we didn’t really care until he brought up the subject on how his “too much” kindness just causes people to use him. Apparently kindness for him is to ignore his friend when he needed him -.- he got me so angry. He’d be such a blind zombie plus zombies are cool and I don’t think he deserves to be zombie yet. Maybe when he understands that other people do have feelings and has their own life to deal with THEN he can become a zombie.

What happened next? Well he blocked all of us after sending a very harsh message to his bestie. I don’t think I can repeat what he said but end of story: he doesn’t want us as friends anymore. Blocked us. I really hope he realises soon that we aren’t bad people soon. He I don’t know him for long time but others do and are pretty sad how bad he changed. What he needs is a doctor that understands what he’s doing not me. *lesigh*

Now I’m just looking for a good person to turn into my zombie. I kinda think I found one

20130603-071400 PM.jpg
Wahahahaha awesome, right?

On a totally different subject

20130603-072110 PM.jpg
My nails break so fast -.- middle finger nail just broke like this, even after I applied nail varnish. I also like how nails look with water droplets on them ^_^

That’s it for now since I’m super sick and dizzy. Not sure how I have the strength to type all this. >.<



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