No sleep

Its 4:33AM and I have a physics exam. Was super sleepy until I real Kelly Konomi’s latest blog about ghostly stories. Honestly I find the stuff she wrote about isn’t as scary, but reminded me of stuff that happened to me/famfam so I got scared wtf xD

I might share the stories later today or tomorrow depending on how the day goes. Since I haven’t slept till now, I bet it wont go good x.x must try to sleep
I might go to my mum’s room because she has AC so it will help me sleep.

I need to get my ID card and school uniform also shoes and straightener before going to exam. I didn’t plan on staying at Mum’s till exam day so I’m unprepared. I cut my fringe too, it got so long It passed my eyes and made me crossed eyed so today I broke through my sickness and cut it although I felt a bit dizzy after focusing for like 10 minutes, I forced myself to exercise. Super proud of myself :’D also super scared of how I’ll do on the exam today since I already cant really focus on anything plus no sleep. I’ll surely die.

I’ll try to sleep now and maybe blog again later since there is like 4 stuff I want to blog about. If you are reading this wish me and Alice (Cookie) luck! She has sociology exam while I have physics.



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