Scary Times – Panda’s story

I’ve read Kelly Konomi’s blog about her ghostly stories and decided to share mines too since I always have something scary happening O.O



Story #1

I was home alone, only my cat was at home that day (her name is Bellatrix, Trixie for short). I was sitting in my room using the computer when she suddenly ran out of my room to the salon, I didn’t think of anything since that’s what all cats do, as if they have a kitty signal that tells them what to, no questions asked. Anyway after a while I heard heavy foot steps, like someone is wearing those heavy boots and stomping their way to the rooms from the salon. Then I heard Trixie’s meowing, scared of something. honestly I froze for a while, I was to scared to do anything. I stood by my room’s door and called for her to come, then she stopped meowing and I kinda felt everything come back to normal, but I still didn’t go out of my room xD called my mum and told her what happened.



I was sitting in the living room with my sister, I’m not sure what she was doing but I was sitting on the couch trying to solve the rubiks cube. I placed it on where you should rest your arm beside me and right in front of my eyes it like spun! At first I thought that it cant be true since my eyes went blurry when it moved, but I left it orange side up and it turned over to a not complete side. It didn’t scary me much at that time because I was shocked at what happened I guess. “Sara, the rubiks cube moved on its own”, ”yea a lot of stuff move on their own here” o.o



I was up late that night, I think it was 3:30 in the morning when I got sleepy. I was half asleep laying down on my tummy when I suddenly felt something pull up my shirt. I was too sleepy that I just got up went to the bathroom and came back to sleep. It wasnt scary though, not sure why or how. Something freakin’ pulled my shirt and I didn’t get scared. *CourageTheCowrdlyDog* wahahha



My brother and I were sleeping in my mum’s room, he slept before me of course – I dont like to sleep beside him since rolls everywhere when he’s asleep so I planned on sleeping on the couch, but before I could even get up from the bed, my body felt like jello and wouldn’t respond to me and I slept/fainted there. woke up to find my sister sleeping on the couch. When I asked her why did she sleep there, she said that something jumped on her and then knocked off her lamp from the side of her bed when she was sleeping and it wasn’t Trixie since she was cuddling with her. They both freaked out and came slept in my mum’s room.


this one was when my parents were still married. Mum was sitting in the basement drawing, and she heard a voice calling her and mumbling stuff she couldn’t make out. She thought it was me even though she didn’t really know who’s voice is that, but her first guess was me. she heard footsteps going up and thought I left. I was actually asleep in my room the whole time. After she went to bed and slept, suddenly her and my sister woke up hearing heavy footsteps in my room. They both came running to find some coins and a paper I had drew on it before I slept flying in the air, like moving from side to side as if two people are standing there and throwing the stuff to each other. As soon as they started to register what happened, everything fell on the floor and  the paper flew to the window against the wind! The air should blow it away but instead it was sucked in. I’m glad I was sleeping the whole time xD



I guess this is enough stories for this post, if I write all the stuff that happened to me, it would be so longg!




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