Smile (*☻-☻*)

How to become happy? Or happier. I figured out how!

Last month after Arabic exam, I went out with my super bubbly friend. The thing about her is that she’s always smiling and somehow people are attracted to her – like always would want to talk to her and instantly love her without having her to say word. I always wondered how she does it, the thing that stood out for me is that she’s pretty but come to think of it, we do look alike. When we’d walk together people would think were sisters or mention how we look alike ~ green eyes, blonde hair, light skin and of course both of us are pretty short 😇
She is prettier though, its not like we both are identical lol.

That day we went out she was feeling down. Her current best friend was somehow ignoring her and she was losing her other best friend due to her – that’s not the point, what in trying to say is that she was going through a lot of stuff that I don’t think she’d like me to mention (although she doesn’t know I blog o.o). When we entered Cinnabon she suddenly became her normal hyper bubbly self; smiling and joking around with the waiters. Honestly I was too shocked to respond to whats happening because of the drastic change in her mood. I caught up after that and started joining her jokes. Everyone working there liked her just because of the hyper state she was in. After we were seated, she waved her hands at a random guy standing outside Cinnabon (walls were made of glass), the guy gave her that o.O look and left. We kept laughing at how she’s acting. I think the people working there liked me because I was with her, but that’s it, full stop. Her secret? She was always smiling!

Seriously guys, smiling is magic! It makes everyone like you. I tried it, even though sometimes I’m socially awkward – if I have a smile on my face everyone will think I’m a good person and will start to talk to me. Just like this and I feel like people are accepting me, even of they don’t talk. They just smile back and it makes me happy that they put effort in smiling back. Those people might have a bad day going on, but still smile. Even when I’m going through the hardships of life, when I’m out, I smile. It helps a lot! If someone smiles back at me, I instantly become happy. Its a super small gesture but still manages to make me happy.

Cons? If I smile at someone or try to be friendly and they just don’t care I get mad. I keep thinking of why might be happening in their brain to make them dislike me or is it just that they cant bother to smile back? My brain doesn’t stop thinking and it gets me mad. It doesn’t always happen though which is good thing.

So I’m not lying, its not only smiling that makes people attracted to my friend. She’s funny, carefree and pretty social. Wherever we went, she makes a new friend. Just today she was joking with a guy and a girl before the exam that she just met. How did she meet them so fast? I have completely no idea how T_T I honestly lack in being funny, carefree and social. Scaling from 1-10 on how I think I do in those three:

Funny: 5/10 I don’t think I come up with funny comments on my own. Always copy from movie or friends >.<

Carefree: 2/10 I don't think of myself as a carefree person. Actually I think like 100x before doing something and it ends up going wrong. Like I would never do the wave she did when we were at Cinnabon. I have to work hard on this

Social: varying. I cant really say a number on this one since it usually depends on a lot of stuff. Sometimes social and others socially awkward.

Conclusion: I need to get a lot of work done to myself T_T not easy. In my head beauty is big deal and I cant think otherwise. Having acne puts a big drop to my looks beauty wise since all my friends don't really have acne. Its a rare thing to see. Its like being the ugly duckling. When I first thought of cutting a fringe, it was because I wanted to hide my ugly face under it. Its that bad…

Anyway I guess that's it for today. If you're reading this and have any thing you'd like to share on how to become happier and boost your self esteem, please do comment! I'd love to know what else should I do to become a better person.

Buh bye ~~ ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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