Alice’s Birthday

I finally was able to celebrate Alice’s birthday. She was born in exam month so no party for her. Though last Saturday I was able to go out with her! No candles though couldn’t find anywhere, just a cupcake.

20130610-030034 AM.jpg
Just a cute nutella cupcake. I think she liked it! Then we head off to watch The Great Gatsby (it was the second time for me to watch it and you know what? The movie is still awesomee). We had an awesome day ^_^ saw a lot of cute boys (I think that was her favourite part of the day xD).

20130610-033022 AM.jpg
She bought me this hello kitty egg that included a hello kitty doll. So cutee! Added to my hello kitty collection.
I went home and I really wanted to draw so I drew Alice. I had this planned for her as a birthday gift since I know how much she likes art and is really interested in it lately. It didn’t turn out good. I’m not done yet but it doesn’t look much like Alice. I’m not sure if I wanna share it now though, maybe when I feel better about it.

Anyway, so I saw all this art people have been doing on artstudio and decided to give it a try. But i had to get a pen for the ipad since its super hard to draw with your hands so I bought this cute onee!

20130610-043112 AM.jpg

20130610-043325 AM.jpg

20130610-043341 AM.jpg
So cute, right? Also here is what i did with it

20130610-044237 AM.jpg

20130610-044245 AM.jpg
I really like it ^_^ first time to try so its not bad. Yes I had to add the beauty mark, I love themm!

Also so funny looking earphones at the store

20130610-044549 AM.jpg
I like the idea xD

I guess that’s it for now. Byee!



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