kainolophobia: fear of trying something new.



Yea, I have it. It’s pretty bad.


My father always tried to me to play tennis and I always had an excuse to why I don’t cant play tennis. I have tried it before, like 5-6 years ago and I disliked it, but I was scared to try it again. I think its weird since my ex-bestfriend is super good at it so it should have me wanting to try it out again, but I was plain scared. Like I would embarrass myself or something, I dunno but the whole idea was scary for me. I had to get forced to give it a try today… Actually yesterday since its 1:40am now.


I think everything that I haven’t done in awhile or completely new to me scares me. It depends though, what kinda stuff is scary for me. If its something that is not really different then what I’d usually do then I think I’d be okay, would use some support, But wont be bad. Unless its something I haven’t tried before or in a while then my  brain makes me hate it and it just makes it scary in my head like something would happen to me while trying something new, it just completely scares me. I dislike change, I know I have to get over it.


I’m used to my Parents fighting, even after divorce that I got used to it like this, I dunno or can’t imagine how we’d be living if they stop. I just got used to it like that.


I think this post is pretty bad, but I can’t believe I did go to tennis and nothing bad really happened. Yea you see luck isn’t always on my side.




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