How to exfoliate lips

Hello everyone!
Today’s tutorial is on exfoliating your lipsđź‘„

Stuff you need:
1. Lip balm
2. Vaseline
3. Tooth brush

Start of by applying lip balm to your lips.

20130613-040302 PM.jpg
Yea you can see all my dead skin. I’m using the body shop’s chocomania lip butter. Add a generous amount of vaseline on the tooth brush and start softly scrubbing.

20130613-042331 PM.jpg
(I’m smiling in the after pictures because usually people would have a hurt expression in the “before” and a smile in the “after” picture which indicates good results and the person is happy. Wtf)
The reason why I added lip balm to my lips even though I’ve added vaseline to the tooth brush is that my lips are very sensitive and I end up scratching my lips and it doesn’t look good at all so yea this is how it works for mee!

I think I’ll be blogging again tonight since I have a surprise birthday party to attend ^_^ so I’ll see you guys later! Buh byee!



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