The pursuit of Happiness

So , today i got invited to my friend’s sister’s birthday party ! I usually wouldnt go beacuse i don’t know anybody ! Well this time i changed my mind and thought maybe i would enjoy it , note that i only know my friends sister very vaugley but ive bought her a present before , with out even meeting her ! (Shes A directioner and there was a really cute bracelet that had 1D on it)

Anyways , so i arrived at the party and my friend came out to get me. I also met her really funny friend , whom i really liked. I said happy bday to her sister and gave her a tiara and her bday present. Then it was me and my awkward social skills …alone. I sat down next to my friend who was now chatting away to others. Across was a girl who smiled at me and we made a few jokes and smiled. I did not even know her name. Then i met a guy who just had another aproach ! He took my phone and started looking though it x3 looking for Subway Surfers xD (he finally found it in a folder named “Crap”) although he was really nice ! He reminded me of a guy from school.

Then there was the wild party girl , her name was Hager. She was the loud and crazy one ! She was fun to be around but a too loud. Shes also tall so i looked short T.T

Then at the time after cake, two other girls arrived. A short girl and her friend. Everybody suddenly started to urge her to sing . Even the birthday girl !  She sang and all the shop went silent , she was realllyy good ! The waiters kept shouting “More , more!” She even sang my Evanescence request ! (Everybodys fool).

We even got to ride a train that goes around the floor at the mall ! It was hilarious! We waved at random strangers and sang -If you’re happy and you know-

At the end of the day i thought to myself everybody finds happiness in a way ! Even if you do not know anyone or they don’t know you , you will always find a way to cheer people up or vice versa. Some sing , some joke around, some smile , some are sarcastic. But in the end everyone was looking for the same thing. Happiness. No matter which way they chose , they managed to get themselves and the people around them to even smile and feel welcomed.

I still don’t know their names and who they are or what they do, but one thing we had in common . We were all happy!

So , if you are ever feeling down , even a stranger can make you feel better than a friend ! Always keep in mind that theres always someone out there who can cheer you up and make you feel welcome again.

Just thought id share this with you guys,
Have a happy weekend and enjoy yourselves !




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