I wrote this post last thursday but I wasn’t able to upload because of internet so here goes…

Hello everyone!
Today I had a surprise party to attend. 3 birthdays were last month but due to the exams we couldn’t celebrate anything. So we decided to celebrate their birthdays today at an italian restaurant called Rossopomodoro – too many “o”s in there xD.
20130613-115756 PM.jpg
Took me a while to get used to the weird spelling.

The interior design was meh. Its like they tried so hard but failed to achieve a certain look.
20130614-120416 AM.jpg
In this pic you can see a very artistic wall which really isn’t artistic at all, just my filter makes it look so. It was pretty bad in real life, photos were low quality and made no sense except only a photo that contained fresh tomatoes which I guess were suppose to be the tomatoes they used on the pizza. Any way the pizza wasn’t good at all, neither looked good. I think the place and the staff were the only good thing in the whole restaurant.

Once. I entered the place, first person I see is my ex-bestie. I got pretty mad actually that she came without telling me. She does this a lot, go out and decides to not call me. Like I’d suck the fun out of the gathering. She kept repeating that she knew I was coming and wanted to surprise me but I knew it wasn’t true. At the end of the day she said that she didn’t know I was coming and felt pretty guilty sad about it.

20130615-042732 PM.jpg
The heart shaped box was my present to one of the girls which contained a necklace and a set of candles. We sang happy birthday in english and arabic 3 times until I got bored and wouldn’t song in some of the parts. Then everyone ate cake except me because i dislike cake. Also I drank some pepsi and broke the rule of me trying to stop drinking sodas. Some people ordered food and left without paying which left us a bill of 1000+LE. I got mad at what they did because I didn’t order anything and had to pay, a lot of the people left at the end didn’t order anything and had to pay too. I don’t mind that I helped but seriously so low of them to order food and not pay. We sat for like 1 hour trying to collect enough money.

After we paid we decided we should go drink something at Starbucks, but there wasn’t enough place for the 12 of us to sit so we staid somewhere near it which wasn’t a cafe, just somewhere near the fountain where we were told that we cant stand there. I don’t think I ever went out with my friends and haven’t been told that we cant stand in a certain place. Anyway, my friend and I went and asked at I Love Cafe about their minimum charge since I cant really remember it and it turns out that there wasn’t any so we staid there.

20130615-044844 PM.jpg
I still cant get over how pretty everything there is. Anyway, we sat in a very tight circle. There was this semicircle couch where where 3 boys sat and I and the other girls got chairs and continued the circle till the point that we couldnt move a chair back of how tight it was. Later i had to share a chair with a girl because another boy came and had to sit in my place because there wasn’t any other place.

20130615-051953 PM.jpg
Our drinks went in patterns. Either mocha frappe or oreos and cream shake. A guy suggested that we take oreos and cream and another one suggested mocha frappe so everyone pretty much got the same thing. We chatted about dreams and stuff until it was 10:30 when I had to leave.

I guess that’s it for now, I’ll just take more pics for a later blog post, buh byee~



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