Hello everyone!

I think because of how much I state Le Mother on my blog, everyone reading thinks I’m either childish or younger than my age (I’m 16). This post will probably support the idea too, but its not true. I’m probably the most distanced from my family and not because I hate them, its just how I am. Anyway, Le Mum bought me this Hello Kitty ring when she went out few weeks ago. She knows I really like Hello Kitty. Actually everyone does, no? Okay .-.


Super cute, eh? The moment she gave this ring it became special to me. I NEVER EVER take it off.

A week later, she told me that shes traveling for a few days. On the last day when she was suppose to come back (she was starting her trip back home at early). That day I woke up to hearing her voice call for us, it sounded raspy and sick that it caused me to jump up and look for her in the house, I thought she fell or something. After I started to register whats happening, I realised that it couldn’t be her since I’m living with Le Dad how would she come here? “It must be the maid” I thought then proceeded to search for her, but when I couldn’t find her I went and looked at my phone to check the time, it was to early for her to arrive and I don’t have any memory of letting her in. I was alone in the house, but I’m sure I heard the voice, not just in my dreams…

I laid in my bed trying to remember the dream, here is what I remember:

My sister and I have separate rooms, each one of us were laying on our beds and it felt like we were pulled into sleep, like drugged or something. Our rooms’ doors were closed and we suddenly heard a “BAM!” but didn’t think much of it. After a short time we heard Le Mum’s voice call for us in a throaty voice, Sounded super sick and tired. It took me a lot of energy to break free from the dream and get up to look for her until I realised she couldn’t be here.

IMG_5512ps_副本I called her after what happened, around 8 in the morning . She suspected there was something and kept asking whats wrong, but I was too sleepy to tell her all of what happened. When she came back, she told us that something happened and she wasn’t feeling well.

As if the dream wasn’t enough, after I finished the call with mum and decided I should go back to sleep (I don’t wake up early), I heard foot steps. I tried to focus on it, but it stopped, I tried to once again to go back to sleep, but the foot steps would start again. This kept going on for two more times until I thought it might be my sleepy brain playing tricks on me so I decided to get to sleep and ignore it, though the sound of steps came back and it was getting near to me until I decided to forget about sleeping and staid up.

I think because I felt super thankful because the ring she bought me and wanted to give her something in return, I felt the moment when she needed me the most. The foot steps I heard after? I’m not sure how to comment on that, but if that is a friendly ghost who stole my mums voice and used it to wake me up to sense that she isn’t feeling well, then thank you very much, but please don’t make it a habit of visiting me except when its urgent, I’m still frightened of your being >.>




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