Misplaced ?


Have you ever felt that you don’t belong?
Or that you have been put in the wrong time and with wrong people? Well you are not the only one !

This is kind of a problem with our generation. Society has now set new ideals for what everyone is expected to be. Sometimes these images ate just too hard to achive, so we feel out of our skin.

It is now harder to be accepted by other if you don’t follow thier “rules”. Everyone has adoped the idea of “do this or i won’t like you” because it is more difficult to withstand others’ differences. This has also helped with the rise of bullying , the “outcasts” had to do something of their own to get back at the individuals that rejected them.

Not only that the requirements to fit in are mental , but also physical. Everyone is starting to love “skinny” and start to loathe their own body. The media has pushed this idea with airbrushing/ photoshop. Girls especially have started loosing confidence in themselves. Guys also have the impression that they need packs and abs and muscles. Thats not always true. In the past men were identified by class and gentleness. Girls were curvy and beautiful.

This idea of “YOLO and SWAG” has pushed people to do such weird things ! Its now an excuse to be a bitch / slut / player. Ugh. It is not acceptable for children to grow up seeing this as normal.

As for emotional troubles, more and more people ate starting to loose important parts of themselves. Confidence, loving others , sympathy , respect. Its a demand now to change so others can “like you”.

Sometimes , we wonder what we would be like if we were in another time ? What would be the right era and with what people around us? Hmmm , i guess we will never know.

But message is : Always be yourself and you will find others like you.

Trust me , when you feel like you loat hope, you will find a person waiting to meet you and be a partner/friend. And you will be just right for each other.



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