Hello everyone!
I haven’t blogged in a while, because i haven’t had anything interesting to share or new news. Unfortunately today I don’t have a cheery blog, I’m feeling down and so will this blog be.

I’m not sure whats happening in dad’s brain lately, but I’m definitely sure its not a good thing. He’s trying to destroy me? Not sure why, but whatever I love doing, he stops me from doing it. No matter what it is, its forbidden. I wanted to learn Japanese and every time he’d refuse to talk about it saying I wont use it in my life even though he is the one who suggested I learn it. Recently I’ve been able to talk to him about it, finally but he gave an excuse of why I cant start now and its understandable. Now, we were going out for tennis and I thought I’d take my rubiks cube to practice a bit during the car ride, he suddenly shouts at me for insisting on bringing it. Just a frickin cube, wouldn’t hurt to bring it a long to kill some time.

I talked to him about it and he just kept laughing. He’s like, just a 2 minutes ride, why bring it, wont hurt if you don’t bring it with you. I argued back saying it wont hurt him either if a take it with me. Then he changed the subject of how silly I’m acting.

I really hope he stops this soon, its getting unbearable.

Sorry for my emo ramble, just had to get this out and Alice’s phone isn’t receiving.


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