Alice Friend

Hello everyone!
Just wanted to take a moment of your life of why Alice is the best owner of a panda like me. She sent me this picture:

20130626-012355 AM.jpg
Before I even type of how awesome this would be if it really happened, she types this:

20130626-012601 AM.jpg
Totally didn’t expect this! I feel very happy when she said this since I’ve been feeling a bit down lately for some unknown reason, maybe its because my friend traveled and might stay there forever and we haven’t been able to to talk since the day she traveled. Anyway, I think scientists should creat other mini versions of Alice and give them away for people who need a sweet person doll by their side. The reason that they would create mini versions, is that I wont allow them to copy Alice 100% so I’d have the superior version and make everyone jealous.

Alice and I have been working on a new banner and background for the blog, I hope you guys would like it ^-^ actually I think Alice is reading books instead of working on a new theme for the blog, but I don’t mind ūüėõ

P.S: Alice and I are best friends (we both are owners of this blog, dont get confused), no lesbo-rumors here, were straight as a rainbow ruler!


8 thoughts on “Alice Friend

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